dolphin-tales-headerSanta Monica 7/21/2015

SM 7:21 Blog PicThe weather definitely wanted our kids out in the water today as the sky opened up in the afternoon and our camp was filled with many smiling faces.

We opened up the Pelican cabana today and the competition was fierce. Campers played an epic game of World Cup Soccer that lasted the WHOLE day!

Each camper still had energy to spare, however, as they moved to our gymnastics equipment to show us their flipping and jumping skills.

Our synchronized swimmers practiced all morning and gave our campers a lovely performance after lunch. The swimmers were so in sync that campers and counselors were amazed.

The cabana competition brought in a lot of creativity as we did our favorite activity, “See It Then Create It.” Cabanas had to coordinate to reproduce the image they were given. In the end, small but mighty won, as the Sharks cabana proved that sometimes less is more.

Will the sun stay out tomorrow? We sure hope so

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