dolphin-tales-headerSanta Monica 7/20/2015

SM 7:20 Blog PicRain or shine, FBS still provides an immense amount of activities for our campers.  Although we were not able to explore the ocean, the counselors provided activities that included boxing, fencing, soccer, butt volleyball and of course arts and crafts.
After lunch, the campers witnessed the championships for boxing and fencing, with the two winners announced in the end. With the energy at a high level, campers engaged in cabana activities that required them to design a life size counselor. In the end the Dolphins won with their accurate design of Counselor Gracie.
To top off the day, the campers went on a group walk to the Pier, in search of the pier deer.  In the end, the campers played together, searched together, and had fun together.  This is what Santa Monica stands for, family and fun!


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