dolphin-tales-headerSanta Monica 7/17/2015


SM 7:17 Blog PicThe camp was split with the Pirates on one side and the Ninjas on the other.  The morning cheers presented an uproar of pride as both sides knew a battle was afoot.  The first cabana activity of the day relied on our campers ability to build a boat to set out to sea.  Although the campers did not go very far, the Pirates proved they owned the sea as their boat traveled a little farther than the Ninjas.
Campers could engage in activities such as a Scavenger Hunt to find the buried treasure, Walking the Plank, Ninja Chops, and Capture the Scroll!  Kids explored their strengths in both pirate and ninja activities.  In the afternoon, more cabana competitions included Ultimate Dodgeball and Bucket-Counselor Soak.  Ultimate Dodgeball was divided by our youngest campers battling it out first, and then a high energy game that included our older campers and counselors.  In Bucket-Counselor Soak, campers had to work as one to pass buckets of water to be dunked on the counselor.  The Counselor that was soaked the most won.  At the end of this epic battle, the Pirates proved that were victorious on land and sea!
What an amazing day.  What adventures will next week bring?


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