dolphin-tales-headerSanta Monica 7/16/15

11227858_954950547902808_7594570072510049195_nToday should be named Tricky Thursday as the campers converted many of the counselor activities into their own. We had a game of Canonball, aka Dodgeball, out at the shore; however, it seemed that the campers enjoyed throwing the balls at the waves as an excuse to dive into the water! We had a fun game of Sharks and Minnows, that the campers converted to Sharks and Minions due to campers love of these characters inspired by the yellow jerseys. And we had a fabulous puppet show put on by our campers and Counselor Danny as puppets walked the plank and spontaneously found a spy ninja on their ship.

Our cabana competition was focused on a Pie Eating Contest that the Dolphins clearly won, however, the tricks didn’t end with the campers as the Assistant Director added his own spin to the Pie Eating Contest for the Counselors. The counselors were in for a surprise, but finished out the game strong.

Tomorrow is Pirates and Ninjas Day…are you ready for it?

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