dolphin-tales-headerSanta Monica 7/15/15

11760110_954163531314843_4792693076083065404_nThere was love in the air in Santa Monica as Counselor Hawkins built up the courage to propose to his love, Counselor Cydney! Unfortunately, Pirates Danny and Greg kidnapped her and a battle will commence for Hawkins to win her back on Friday! Yes campers, Friday is Pirates and Ninjas Day and we need your help to battle out and save our damsel.

Campers geared up to prepare for Friday by participating in Counselors-in-Training activities to get their red marks as a sign of completion. We also had campers playing Meltdown Tag, Waterballoon Twister, and making hats and sun catchers in Arts and Crafts.

The cabanas competed in a game of Limbo and High Jump where the Seals Cabana was victorious and took home the prize! With all of this preparation, the campers and counselors cannot wait for Friday, Pirates and Ninjas Day!

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