dolphin-tales-headerSanta Monica 7/1/15

SM 71 Blog PicWhat started out as a normal day at Santa Monica, quickly went south. Our campers were ambushed by the rebels of the Jonathan Club that tried to drench our campers with water balloons. In retaliation, we sent in a special platoon of campers to overthrow their leader, Evan, by tossing him into the ocean!

After a successful plan of action, the campers proceeded with their daily activities. Contestants of FBS Idol showed off their singing talents and the highlight was when two of our youngest campers decided to do a group song with another older camper. The audience was amazed and brought to tears by their beautiful song and voices.

As the day went on, campers enjoyed fencing, making ice cream, and of course, the ocean! With our FBS elections happening tomorrow, the campers plan out their campaigns to prove they have what it takes to lead FBS!


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