dolphin-tales-headerSanta Monica 7/10/15

11659408_951501731581023_8466391560339316860_nCome one, Come all, to the greatest camp on earth! Santa Monica celebrated Circus Day with fun games, awesome prizes, entertainers like a jester, mimes, lion tamers and a Circus Dance Club. All of the campers enjoyed every minute of their day…and enjoyed the cool ocean water against the hot sun.

For our cabana competition, cabanas hit the sand to showcase what they think the meaning of “the greatest show on earth” means. The cabanas were all impressive with their own renditions. The Dolphins cabana put on a show with a massive clown needing to be entertained by children, The Seals cabanagave a variety of acts with one camper being the ringmaster introducing a lady sawed in half, minion children, stretchy campers and a girl that lives in the sand. The Sharks cabana involved every camper in a game of Wack-A-Mole, a carnival favorite!

A successful Circus day has come and gone…now we wait to see what the next week bring

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