dolphin-tales-headerSanta Monica 6/25/2015

SM 6:25 Blog PicSanta Monica was a pleasant place today with the sun shining bright, the waves crashing gracefully, and the campers gearing up for Animal Planet day on Friday.

We had campers that enjoyed the cool sand as they relaxed on a sand couch, went searching for worms and crabs, and other that competed for the boxing championship that was showcased after lunch.

In the afternoon, the cabana competition proved that no camper was too big or too small to help create a sculpture of their cabana animal. In the end, the Sharks took home the prize, proving that their cabana might be small and have some of our youngest campers, but that if you work hard together, you can accomplish ANYTHING!

Sleep well campers because tomorrow will bring about a ROAR-ing good time as we get ready for Animal Planet! What animal will you be?!

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