dolphin-tales-headerSanta Monica 6/17/2015

SM 6:17 Blog PicAfter all of the sun dances, sun songs, and sun cheers, the sun finally decided to shine brightly over our camp.

Wednesdays always introduce FBS Idol where our campers get to share their talents with their fellow campers. We had singers, dancers, and rappers, but in the end, the beautiful voice of a camper that sang acapella received the loudest cheer.

Throughout the day our counselors worked hard to prepare our campers for Knights and Princesses day by having joisting practices, castle interior designs, reciting “Mirror, Mirror on the Wall”, and doing horse jumps. The campers were so engaged, they didn’t want the activities to end.

We can gladly say that our campers are excited and prepared for Knights and Princesses day this Friday

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