dolphin-tales-headerSanta Monica 6/16/2015

SM 6:16 Blog PicWith an overcast sky hanging over the beach, our campers did not let that stop them from having fun, being creative, and frolicking in the ocean. As the counselors provided a large array of activities, the highlights for today included: boxing, digging to China, and our unique, “Hey, You There” game.

After lunch, the cabana competition was a donut-on-a-stick eating contest where our Sharks won with a record breaking time! But that wasn’t the only competition taking place. Campers witnessed boxing matches, with the main event being between our Spirit Stick winner and the Heavyweight Champion Hawkins. In the end, our young Spirit Stick winner took the belt and was named the New Heavyweight Champion!

As the day came to an end, the campers began to inquire about the future activities in store at Santa Monica – but the mystery continues as the campers await a brand new day!

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