dolphin-tales-headerSanta Monica 6/15/2015


Once upon a time..SM 6:15 Blog wait, this isn’t a fairytale, this is FBS and “we’re the best, we’re the best camp in the land!” The cheer could be heard throughout the beach as campers showed off their excitement to begin another fun filled week.
In the morning, our campers searched for sand crabs, created obstacle courses, and worked hard on their storyline for their puppet show. When the campers showcased their puppet show, the audience was captivated by a horror story of a mysterious phone call with a low, deep voice…
In the afternoon, with the sun shining bright, the cabana competition brought us to the water as the teams competed to fill their bucket first with water. Campers used their hands, rash guards, hair, etc. to win, but also faced counselors that tried to prevent them from filling the buckets so quickly.
With all of these activities, our campers still had the energy to play Hunger Games with water balloons, create cheerleading poses, and show off their flexibility in gymnastics.


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