Playa Vista’s Premiere Beach Camp Helping Campers Age 4-14 Discover Their Best Selves for 22 Years

We’ve been providing awesome beach camp experiences for kids at our Santa Monica and Pacific Palisades beachside locations for 22 years and counting. With over 200 activities to choose from—all in a safe, encouraging, instructive environment—your child will have the best camp day ever! That’s why many ­­­­­Playa Vista families return year after year.

Each day your child will learn to surf, boogie board, play team sports, do martial arts or gymnastics, or explore their creative side dancing, sandcastle building or participating in arts & crafts. With no set schedules, they can try out something new when they want. They won’t know it, but they will be building new skills, determination, character, and self-confidence too! They’ll just know they are having a blast!

We also offer week-by-week scheduling. Pick a week here, another week there. If your child comes back begging for more weeks, add another!

For even more convenience, we offer bus transportation service to and from camp with convenient bus stops in Mar Vista.

All in the most beautiful beach environment anywhere! Summer goes by fast, and so does childhood. Don’t miss out! Sign up today!

Bus Stop in Mar Vista

We offer affordable transportation for busy Playa Vista families. Besides the obvious convenience, here are some more great reasons to take advantage of this option:

  • Bus stop in Mar Vista located at the Von’s (Washington Blvd and S.Centinela Ave.)
  • We offer both one-way and round-trip options.
  • Trained, professional drivers to ensure safe, reliable transport equipped with seat belts
  • Each bus has two camp counselors for extra fun and care. No more boring bus rides!

When you hit sign up, you’ll see the registration page with all of our bus stops, make sure to choose Mar Vista.

The Only Beach Camp to Offer Flexible Week-by-Week Scheduling

Fitness by the Sea Beach Camp is the only summer program that lets you choose a schedule that works for you and your child. And because there is no minimum weeks, you can choose as many weeks as you want, then add more. You can later change the dates if they don’t work as the time approaches at no additional cost. We want this to be the best camp experience your child has ever had. That means taking a lot of the scheduling stress parents’ associate with signing up.

Save 10% by Signing Up!

We remember our own positive experience with summer camp, which is why we started this camp 22 years ago. And because we want to share our camp with as many kids as possible, we offer a 10 percent discount as low as $405 per week.

See What We’re All About at Our Open House!

A great way to learn about our camp is to see us in action! Come out to for an Open House at Will Rogers Beach, Tower 14, Pacific Palisades, for free activities, refreshments, and fun! We’ll have contests and prizes too! Plus, our staff will be on hand to answer questions, and you’ll get to meet other families—some of whom will be repeat campers and can let you in on what you’ve been missing!

We always get a full crowd, so reserve your spot today. We can’t wait to meet you!

Named the “Safest Beach Camp” in Los Angeles for the past 22 Years!

How have been able to maintain a 100% safety record for over two decades? Here’s how:

  • We maintain a 6-to-1 camper-to-counselor ratio at all times.
  • Our camp is adjacent to professional lifeguard towers and professional lifeguards are standing at the shoreline at all times supervising the children in the ocean.
  • We make sure kids are hydrated and protected from the sun with regular sunscreen application and activities in the shade.
  • Bathroom trips are always chaperoned.

But you don’t need to take our word for it. Fitness by the Sea has been recognized as “the safest beach camp” in the Los Angeles area for all of our 22 years.

Helping Kids Find Their Passion – Over 200 Activities!

We don’t force kids to do anything they don’t want to do. But because we believe kids grow by pushing themselves outside their comfort zone, we gently nudge them into trying new things before that window closes as they get older and they just don’t want to do it—or are told they can’t. Our activities allow kids to tap into their unique abilities and build confidence in a nurturing, positive environment.

At Fitness by the Sea Beach Camp your child will enjoy 5 different camp programs and activities all in the same day:

2nd picture

Two Locations to Suit Every Camper

We are proud of how our camp caters to the needs and personalities of so many campers ages 4 to 14. We also offer two camp locations, both with the same spirit that Fitness by the Sea has been known for.

  • Our Santa Monica camp offers endless opportunities for activities but in a smaller size for those kids ages 4 to 14 that might prefer a more nurturing camp experience.
  • Our Pacific Palisades location is the larger camp where we host the largest number of kids, ages 4 to 14.
  • Our Clownfish program for our 4-year old campers is offered directly adjacent to both of our main camp locations. These programs provide a smaller, more intimate environment for our youngest campers

And no prior ocean experience is required, non-swimmers are welcome! Because all the activities are age-appropriate and our camp counselors are patient and caring providing maximum individual attention for your child every step of the way.

And if your child wants to try a larger or smaller camp on for size, we will accommodate that too! You really can’t go wrong!

Our Counselors Have Big Hearts

We are proud of our counselors. They are kids at heart, but they are also level-headed. After all, the average age of our counselors is 26. They remember what it’s like to be a kid and how fun it is. But they also remember that it can be scary for a kid to try new things.

They can gauge how a kid is feeling and whether they REALLY want to try something new but are hesitant. Our counselors will gently nudge them into something that might be a little bit out of their comfort zone. Why? Because they know the feeling of pride and accomplishment that instills that will last well beyond the summer.

Sign Up Today!

With three kids of our own, we know how stressful working out children’s activities schedules can be—especially weeks or months in advance. That’s why we offer flexible, week-by-week scheduling. Although you choose the dates that you think will work, you can always change them if you hit a conflict later, at no additional cost.

You can also take advantage of special add-ons like transportation (one way or round trip), healthy lunch options, and extended care hours.

We are the number one beach camp for a reason, and camps do fill up, so don’t put off. Just hit sign up to check out all the options.