Palisades North 6/18/2015

PN 6:18 Blog PicCounselors Bart and Chris kicked our day at Pali North off with an adventure! A crew was filming at a nearby lifeguard tower, so they led a team of campers to investigate the crew’s progress. During the recon mission, a sea lion swam through the shallows and paid a visit to our campers on shore! Luckily, our campers are already fluent in a dialect of Sea Lion (especially those in the Seal cabana), so they arf’ed their morning greetings to our buddy as she made her way by.

Later, our cabanas faced off in a tog-o-war for the ages – it even came down to Anna and Jackson, two finalists from the same cabana! This was a areal nail biter, folks. Ultimately, Anna prevailed, and she was our tug-o-war champion!

Between these gangbuster activities, painting ceramics with Isabella, and splashing in the water with the rest of the counselors, it was another lovely day at Pali North.

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