Palisades North 6/17/2015

PN 6:17 Blog PicSomehow our entire day incorporated dinosaurs! We learned the camp rules through a tour that featured the Bart-asaurus, went hunting for fossils with Tomer, and all three cabanas dug for dinosaur “eggs” in their very own tents!

The Clownfish, our youngest campers, were the only ones to find their egg, and they thusly won the cabana competition. Hooray Clownfish!!! Way to work together as a team!

Yesterday we honored one of our youngest campers, Rachel, as the Spirit Stick winner – and today, we awarded the Stick to Jayden, a camper who has been attending Pali North for many years! These two exemplify the engagement in activities, supportive interactions, teamwork, and commitment to fun that we at Pali North are all about. Congratulations to both of you!

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