Palisades North 6/16/2015

PN 6:16 Blog PicWe spent much of the day down the beach from camp, playing in the water and sand closer to the lifeguard towers. These campers are serious about their digging, sand building, and burying of one another!

The water saw a fair bit of attention too, with our smaller campers chasing waves and practicing their boogie boarding in the shallows while other engaged the counselors in a water battle.

Counselors Ben, Chris, and Tomer might have been outnumbered by all the campers, but they put up a good fight (although Chris was no match for a sneak attack later in the afternoon)!

We also cheered uproariously for campers Gia, Zoey, and Emma as they strove for the title of champion eater of donut-on-a-stick. Gia revealed her triumphant win!

We are enjoying our time with the Pali North campers – and we can’t wait for our first Theme Day this Friday, June 16. Start getting your costumes together to portray your favorite ANIMATED CHARACTERS! Movies, cartoons, it doesn’t matter – we want to see you dressed up as your #1 character for Cartoon Day.

See you at the beach!

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