Pacific Palisades 7/10/15

11247805_951556674908862_7423628827702802760_n-2Ninja and Pirates ran wild on the sand at FBS today.We separated the camp into the two sides and as soon as the day started the cheering began and didn’t stop until we all had to head home.

Campers tried to make their way out of Davey Jones Locker, had a blast playing Hunger Games, tried to earn different color level belts while battling during Ninja Plank War. We had Swashbucklers and Karate Fighters pranking each other throughout the day all in good fun.

After a roaring cheer battle and speedy water bucket filling race the Ninja’s came out as top of the cabana competition. Afterwards they invited the Pirates into their winning dance party so they earned the whole camp popsicles.

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