Pacific Palisades, 7/24/2014

Today was all about the water! The tide was very low and conditions were great, so the ocean was enjoyed by most of the camp. As counselors we want to make sure that we are always urging the campers to get into the ocean, and today was a perfect day to offer that opportunity! For those campers who decided not to go in the water, we still had an array of sand activities to chose from including FBS Idol, where campers are able to perform a song of their choice in front of the camp. Today’s FBS Idol champion was Bianca, who is visiting us from London. We also offered several activities to get us ready for Super Hero Day. Josh, Quinn and Marek gave campers the opportunity to experience the Dark Side by offering an activity where campers got to experience the life of the villains that super heroes get to catch each day-only at FBS! We are so proud that we offer new activities each day for our campers, and we are excited about all the fun things we have in store for Super Hero day tomorrow!


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