Pacific Palisades, 7/23/2014

Our puppet show introduced today’s activities including the wildly popular Super Hero Training Course which showcased Batman’s amazing powers, led by DJ Josh. The water was a huge hit too; campers were able to paddle, knee board and boogie board throughout the day! Campers also spent time in the shade with their favorite counselors- telling stories, playing games, answering trivia, and getting ready for Super Hero Day! The entire camp also had the opportunity to karaoke to one of our favorites of this summer- the theme from Frozen! Speaking of singing, we all got to sing along to the donut song during our cabana competition with the Eels taking the win, led by camper Carolyn! Arts & Crafts decorate your own stuffed animal was so much fun too. Zip Zap Zoom- Super Hero Day is coming soon!!!

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