Pacific Palisades, 7/21/2014

Fitness by the Sea is all about campers choosing their own activities. At FBS we pride ourselves on offering new activities each day, as we know that campers thrive on making their own choices. One of today’s top choices was the recreation of Frankenstein’s Crazy Castle with DJ Josh, Cheese and Scooter. It was quite the hit! Campers also enjoyed The Hunger Games Trilogy Bonanza starring Z-Dub and Lizzie. Cheering bicyclist along the bike path brought a smile to all who passed by! Caleb from the Seals was awarded the Spirit Stick today, as he is always so helpful to Widget and the entire Seal cabana, and is truly representative of what the FBS Spirit Stick means. Water activities are popular every day, and today was no exception with several campers getting up on their surfboards for the very first time with the help of Surfer J, Morgan, and Vinnie! This afternoon campers had the opportunity to develop their own cabana competition ideas. Danny was the contest judge, and he awarded points to each cabana based on originality, group participation, cheering and overall fun concept/design. The Seals were successful with their super-creative and interactive idea of “Pass and Stack,” which we are excited to bring to the beach tomorrow as our cabana competition! We are looking forward to an awesome and exciting Tuesday!

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