Pacific Palisades, 7/18/2014

Boo! It’s Halloween” theme day was SPOOKTACULAR! What a way to round out the week! The morning started out with our campers and counselors arriving in the most amazing costumes ever seen on the Ghost Coast (aka Will Rogers State Beach). Camper Katie was magnificent as Maleficent, camper Ethan was a Power Ranger, counselor Heather came as a groovy 60’s gal, counselor Morgan was an astronaut, and camper Safi came dressed head to toe in neon orange! DJ Josh, Quinn, Scooter and Marek did an incredible job with their extremely popular Trick or Treat activity which had campers squealing with delight each time they were tricked by surprise squirts of water or shaving cream. Halloween themed activities delighted campers throughout the day, including Tombstone Building with Dr. Dracula. For our cabana competition, each cabana chose a contestant that was then wrapped in toilet paper and turned into a mummy! Each cabana presented their mummy to the camp accompanied by a two minute background story on how the mummy came to be a mummy. The stories were so creative and so hysterically funny, that the entire camp was in stitches! The competition was very close, but it was the Ghost’s boo-tiful mummy who took the win! The afternoon saw plenty of water activities, Arts & Crafts with Robyn, Saturn Rings with Morgan, and the Bobbing for Apples Tournament with Heather where camper Pele was crowned the camp champ!

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