Pacific Palisades, 7/16/2014

Before our morning rally, our campers were settling in and hanging out with their favorite counselors, giving both campers and counselors the chance to really get to know each other.  Our morning rally was very cheerful with campers showing great enthusiasm and lots of energy! We were honored to hand the Spirit Stick to Gabe this morning. Fitness by the Sea is aways about campers picking and choosing there own activities; FBS keeps it fresh by offering new activities each day. One of these new activities was the very popular Air Strike where campers developed their arm strength by fighting off the opposing team.  Whether they are playing Air Strike or challenging their counselors in a volleyball tournament, trying out new moves on the trampoline, or searching for the biggest sand crab on the beach, campers always have so much to chose from each day… Boo! It’s Halloween! is only two days away, so start thinking of what you want to be for this theme day favorite!

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