dolphin-tales-headerSanta Monica, 7/8/2014

Monday started off with some serious on the sand fun, campers hardly new what to do when choosing between Gracie and Davids play, Caitlin’s sand candles, Will’s World Cup Soccer, and Alex and Gibrans American Gladiators.  Then we headed to the water to find that the surf was definitely up.  We squeezed in boogie boarder before the tide got to low, but swam all morning.  The days cabana competition had each cabana choose a favorite song and create a music video using all of their campers.  Highlights include Max from the Seals getting down with a wicked dance solo, the Dolphins epic Lion King inspired dance, and the Eels chaotic, and hilarious, dance.  The Seals moves could not be beat in the end, and they were the days competition winners!  The afternoon brought much larger surf which limited us to swimming shallow only, but we anticipate the surf to calm dramatically over the next 12 hours.  See you at the beach at FBS Santa Monica!

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