Join other Marina del Rey families this summer at Fitness by Sea Beach Camp.

TRANSPORTATION available in Mar Vista

Fitness by the Sea Beach Camp is a summer day beach camp convenient for Marina del Rey kids ages 4 to 14 located in Santa Monica and Pacific Palisades.

We providing over 200 safe, fun, and age-appropriate aquatic and land activities over the summer. Being on the ocean, we naturally teach surfing, swimming, and water safety. But we offer so much more! Our activities also include gymnastics and cheerleading, arts and crafts, soccer, martial arts—way too many to list, so check out the schedule here.

And even if your child doesn’t have prior ocean experience, that’s no problem because our best-in-class counselors will show them how to do everything step-by-step.

You’ll also love our flexible week-by-week sign up, our transportation options with a convenient bus stop in Mar Vista, and our 100% safety record for the past 22 years!

All in the most beautiful beach environment anywhere! Don’t miss out! Sign up today!

Bus Stop for Marina del Rey Families!

At Fitness by the Sea, we love making the day a blast for kids and a stress-free experience for parents. That’s why we’ve added a bus stop in Mar Vista to accommodate Marina del Rey families.

We contract with a professional bus company to ensure safe, reliable transport of our campers to and from camp. All the buses have seat belts, and our counselors ride the buses with the kids to play games, do skits, and sing songs to make the ride safe, exciting, and fun for everyone.

Convenient Day-by-Day Enrollment

Now here’s something you’ll really love. Fitness by the Sea Beach Camp pioneered the “day-by-day enrollment” concept, which means you can send your child to
camp whenever you want with no advance sessions or long-term enrollment commitments to conform to.

You can sign up for a day here, a day there,  or any combination of days or weeks you want. In fact, with no minimum enrollment commitment, you can even sign up for just a day or two and add more later if you want.

This flexibility will always be available to you when signing up for Fitness by the Sea Beach Camp.

How Much Does Fitness by the Sea Beach Camp Cost?

The current weekly rate to attend Fitness by the Sea Beach Camp is $405 per week. This rate includes all camp equipment, instruction, activities, equipment, special days and events, and of course the freedom to create your own camp schedule sending your child to camp whenever you want.

Open House at Will Rogers State Beach, Pacific Palisades

We’ve tried to provide as much information as possible about our program, but we understand you may still have questions. Why not come to our next Open House and meet us in person?

We’ll be at Will Rogers State Beach in the Pacific Palisades,  Lifeguard Tower 14. Our counselors will be there to meet you and answer all your questions. Kids are invited too, plus you will probably see many other Marina del Rey-area families you already know. Hope to see you there!

The only summer beach day camp recognized as the “Safest Beach Camp” for Marina del Rey Kids

Can you trust a camp to look after your precious children when you’re not there?

At Fitness by the Sea, that answer is a resounding YES! When you enroll your child at our camp, your children become our kids too, and a member of a great, big, active, fun-loving, camping family.

We are honored you have entrusted the care of your child to us, and we take that responsibility very seriously. That’s why we have a 100 percent safety record in all of our 22 years in operation. And that’s why we are recognized as the safest beach camp in Los Angeles for the past 22 years.

One-Stop Shopping offering over 50 Daily Activities

We all deal daily with the headache of traffic. You drive your kids to and from dance, baseball, martial arts, swimming—the list goes on and on. Why not have your kids all in one place, at a camp that provides over 50 daily activities, from surfing to fencing and martial arts to dance to gymnastics and more?

When they need a break from the sun and surf, they can enjoy puppet and magic shows, storytelling, or making art projects with our talented staff in the shade under our cabanas.

There really is something for every kid. We pack a lot into a day, but every child presents us with a wonderful challenge of unlimited possibilities for play, skill- and character building, teamwork and individual growth, and just plain fun!

Go-with-the-Flow Camp Sizes

We don’t lock kids into a set schedule. We go with the flow and let kids decide what they want to do because we understand each kid is unique. We love that and celebrate it. It’s the same way with our camp size offerings:

Santa Monica, North of Pier, Parking Lot #8 North is the perfect camp for Marina del Rey families. It’s large enough to offer a huge selection of activities and all the spirit and energy of Fitness by the Sea, but still small enough for those campers who prefer a more nurturing environment. 

Pacific Palisades, Will Rogers State Beach, Tower 14 is our flagship camp. It offers the widest array of activities, up to 50 per day, and tends to attract campers, ages 4 to 14, with our broadest range of activities and a high-energy experience.

Both locations offer our Clownfish camp which is custom designed for our youngest campers. Our 4-year olds love this unique program which offers a full-range of camp activities with a super low, 5 to 1 camper to staff ratio.

Amazing Camp Counselors

Your child will love Fitness by the Sea Beach Camp’s counselors … high-energy, goofy, enthusiastic role models here to make your camper’s summer their best ever! Of course, our counselors don’t work for free, but they’re not here for just a paycheck, either. They signed up to work at Fitness by the Sea to make a positive, lasting difference in your child’s life.

And because 2021 marks our 22nd summer, many of our counselors were campers at this very camp when they were kids! They believe in the positive impact FBS has, because they experienced it too and wanted to be a part of it as they became older.

Registration Information

Fitness by the Sea Beach Camp runs for 12 weeks this summer from Monday through Friday starting June 15 and ending September 4. You can sign up for camp week-by-week whenever you want without conforming to predetermined session schedules.

You can also sign up for add-ons such as lunch (we have great healthy options), extended care and bus transportation (there is a convenient bus stop in Mar Vista) , as needed throughout the summer. Parents love these very reasonably priced options, and that they are available as needed.

Here is some additional general registration information and a link to the 2021 summer camp enrollment system so you can sign up for camp today.