Malibu Summer Camp

Malibu Summer CampGet Your Children Active at Fitness By the Sea in Malibu

Fitness by the Sea allows you to enroll your camper for the individual days you prefer, instead of requiring enrollment on a weekly basis. Choose the days that work best for your family with our flexible schedule!

Fitness by the Sea has become the premier Malibu Summer Camp and there are a few great reasons why. We offer a wide range of incredibly entertaining activities for children between the ages of 5 and 14 years old. We’ve also been recognized as the safest day camp ever by the Chief of LA County Lifeguards. In addition, our day camps are conveniently located along the gorgeous southern California shores.

Imagine a Malibu Summer Camp where your child can learn to swim, knee board or surf. But we also offer unique learning opportunities with a long list of games and activities designed to delight and educate. Kids can learn the importance of team work during a game of soccer, basketball or volley ball. They can explore their creative side with activities like arts and crafts, theater games, American Idol, or fashion runway.

We have a total of four day camps located along the southern California shoreline including two camps in Santa Monica and two in Pacific Palisades.

FBS is Strong and Growing!

Founded in the year 2000, Fitness by the Sea excels at encouraging children to explore their adventurous side and discover their creative nature. We provide a beautiful, relaxing venue where kids can surf, swim, play kick ball, learn juggling or just take a nature walk on the beach. We love kids and understand their level of energy and we’ve designed a remarkable Malibu summer camp where kids can have an unforgettable time.

Safety First

A few of our safety measures include 6:1 staff to child ratios strictly maintained, chaperoned bathroom visits, counselors in the water with children at all times and lifeguards watching from shore. We also encourage hydration throughout the day and bottled water is always available. Counselors will apply sunscreen to protect your children’s delicate skin. Everyone wears our colorful rash guards so they can be easily recognized as FBS campers.

Theme Days

We’ve designated each Friday as our Theme Day. Theme days are a special favorite at FBS and everyone loves getting dressed up as a cowboy, their favorite super hero, an astronaut and many other unique characters. Things get pretty whacky with outlandish decorations and delectable snacks. We usually spend the day dancing, singing and enjoying the fun.

You’ll Love Our Staff!

The staff at Fitness by the Sea is above par in every way. The average age is 28 years old and many are parents and/or have a background in teaching.  We believe we have the best staff of any California summer camp and every camp counselor is rigorously trained. We want you to feel good about leaving leaving your children with us and we take every step to ensure their safety.  Staff members are trained in many areas, including conflict resolution, child development, leadership and safety.

Activities Galore

We have over 80 activities and there’s something for everyone. We offer numerous team sports like baseball, volley ball and basketball, along with plenty of water-related activities like surfing and knee boarding. We strive to bring out the creative side of your child with fashion runway, face painting, theater games, puppet shows, juggling and balloon animals. There’s a never-ending lineup of entertainment and fun.

Enroll Now!

Our online enrollment system makes it easy for you to sign up. We offer a flexible program that allows you to select your favorite dates. If you choose to use transportation then there is a five day minimum enrollment, if not then you can register your child for any days you wish, with no minimum days or weeks. At registration, you choose your attendance schedule for the summer, but it’s easy to change your dates later. There’s no cost for this and all we need is a 24-hour advanced notice. Malibu residents will find several of our day camps conveniently located near them.

We make it easy to register – simply click this link or visit our camp locations page for driving directions from Malibu.

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