Malibu’s Premiere Beach Day Camp Helping Campers Ages 4 to 14 Discover Their Best Selves for 23 Years!

Boy on blue wakeboard in the ocean

Living in the area,  you’ve probably heard of Fitness by the Sea, the #1 Beach Camp for kids ages 4 to 14 located in the Pacific Palisades and Santa Monica. Perhaps you always wondered what we are all about. Or maybe you know all about us and having been meaning to sign your child up. Well, don’t let another summer pass by without letting your child take advantage of all we have to offer:

  • Due to Covid and the LA County Health Department guidelines this summer, we are offering a flexible week-by-week scheduling.
  • “Safest beach camp” in the Los Angeles area for the past 23 years
  • Wonderful, caring, encouraging, counselors with a big sense of fun
  • Over 50 activities, selected by kids each day, making every day different

All in the most beautiful beach environment anywhere! Don’t miss out! Sign up today!

Day-to-Day Sign up

At Fitness by the Sea, we offer flexible schedules. If you want to sign up for a week and like that continuity, that’s great. If you can’t, no problem. Choose the days you want, then if it doesn’t work you can change your dates as often as you like up to midnight the previous day.

Early Bird Discount Rate

We started this camp 23 years ago because we know how role-modeling, exposure to different activities, and being outdoors in nature can have a tremendous, positive effect on kids for their entire lives. We know it because we experienced it ourselves. That’s why we offer a flexible week-to-week schedule, endless activities, and an Early Bird special rate as low as $81 per day. Be sure to sign up to take advantage of this discount!

Join Us for Our Next Open House!

We try to give you as much info as we can through our website, but there is nothing like seeing Fitness by the Sea beach day camp in action. Why not join us at Will Rogers State Beach, Lifeguard Tower 14 in the Pacific Palisades for our upcoming Open House. We anticipate a lot of participants, so grab free tickets here. It’s like a free camp day!

Safety is Our Top Priority

We take the responsibility of keeping your children safe very seriously! So seriously, in fact, that we have a flawless safety record, and have been recognized as the “safest beach camp” in the Los Angeles area for the past 23 years.

To ensure the safety of our campers, we only employ professional and well-trained staff members. Many of these counselors are parents and teachers, who are very responsible, mature adults interacting with your child in the water and on the sand.

All of our counselors are also CPR trained and certified, and we ensure that they renew their credentials every season. We make sure that our staff is trained to meet the highest standards

Boredom-free Zone! Over 50 Daily Activities to Choose

At Fitness by the Sea kids can try out something and if it’s not for them, they can move on. No pressure; just fun! They can participate in as few or as many activities as they wish and can start and stop activities as they desire. This gives your child control of their day and allows them to customize their camp experience to suit their tastes.

Each day your child will enjoy 5 different camp programs and activities all in the same day. Here is just a sampling of what your child will experience—even in one day!


Which Camp is Best for Malibu Families? 

We have two camps to appeal to a wide range of ages, interests, skill levels, and personalities:

  • Our Pacific Palisades camp is at Will Rogers State Beach, Lifeguard Tower 14 for children ages 4-14 and is the easiest choice for Malibu families. Because it has the biggest number of campers, we can offer the largest variety of activities on any given day. Many of our returning campers love this location so they can learn a new skill each day.
  • Our Santa Monica camp is north of the Pier, at Parking Lot #8 North for children ages 4-14. This camp is large enough to offer a wide variety of activities and all the spirit and energy of Fitness by the Sea, but still small enough for those campers who prefer a smaller camp feel.
  • Our Clownfish program is specially designed for 4 year olds at our Pacific Palisades and Santa Monica locations featuring counselors who specialize in early childhood. Activities are geared to encourage teamwork, creativity, and build social skills, while maintaining a 5/1 camper-to-counselor ratio.

How Do We Find Such Great Counselors?

We hear from many parents all the time asking where we find such amazing counselors. We hand-select our counselors for experience with kids of different ages, enthusiasm, ability to be role models and mentors, creativity, and responsibility. Our counselors understand they are creating memories for the kids filled with positivity and triumph–and they are creating lifelong memories for themselves too!

That’s why we have many counselors who have worked for five, six, or more summers. They aren’t just picking up a paycheck or adding a bullet point to their resumés. They know what they do is important in each and every camper’s heart.

Simple Registration

You can learn more about our program here and more about the registration process — including our unique and flexible enrollment format where you can send your child to camp on a convenient day-by-day basis as your schedules allow.

Ready to sign up for camp now? Use the enrollment form to register for camp today.

And feel free to contact us anytime if you have any questions. Hope to see you this summer at beach camp, but don’t delay because space fills up quickly!