Jonathan Club 7/19/2016

Photo Jul 19, 3 17 06 PMWhoa! Today was a whirlwind of a day and it was over before we knew it. We started our day off with some shout out chants and dances for each of our zany cabanas leaving room for the day to only get crazier. Splish Splash Splosh Gymnastics is one of our favorites on a hot day. A nice splash of water after rocking  stunt move on the vault does us good.  We made some amazing hats today in arts and crafts with glitter, paint, markers and more. Our campers got to make baseball caps and sun caps. The water was perfect for some boogie boarding and with the sandbar still going strong we  were able to have a dance party out in the water. We even got a visit from some of our Santa Monica camp family and after some high fives and learning secret handshakes we headed in for lunch. Shout out to the Sting Rays for winning our new cabana competition. “Epic Cone Ball” was a hit! And then of course in zany Tuesday fashion, we finished our day with some hula hoop, costume dress up, freeze dancing.
Onward to Wednesday!
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