Jonathan Club, 7/9/2014

We don’t know how you start your Tuesday mornings, but we start ours with a game of capture the flag.  We did today anyway.  Campers are getting excited for Animal Planet day this Thursday and we were sure to give them a few animal themed activities to get them ready.  In the morning campers spent time and an animal round up with counselor Chum where they worked to get a hula hoop around different animals in the sand.  Rohan came the closest to getting them all.  Later that morning a group of campers went with Pre to search fro the elusive Santa Monica Snufalupogus.  Though there was no official siting, campers found many clues that told them the Snufalupogus had been there.  Now every camper wants to find this mysterious creature!  After our water bucket relay cabana competition, the wheel landed on cookie monster so every camper, and a few parents, went home happy with cookies.

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