dolphin-tales-headerHow Kids View the World

Today’s kids may dress and behave a bit differently but they have so much in common with kids from 50 or 60 years ago. Most healthy children are active, they laugh a lot and their brains seem to work in strange ways at times. Many years ago there was a TV show called, “Kids Say the Darnedest Things”. The show was popular because its host, Art Linkletter, would ask ordinary children, normal questions and they would come up with hilarious answers. This seemed like a phenomenon then but actually, it’s fairly normal for most children. Their world view is much different than that of adults.

Kids have their own special and often surprising way to look at the world. Their imaginations are incredible. They can look at exactly the same thing as everyone else and see something completely different. Most experts agree that when we listen to our kids, they help us to become better parents. You can learn a lot from them, but there’s a trick to seeing the world from a child’s perspective.  Below are a few odd things that litter the minds of our children.

Why Do Feet Stink?

All kids have wondered this at one time or another. Next time your child asks you, you’ll have a good answer for them. Feet stink because of bacteria. Our feet are closed up tightly in sneakers all day and they tend to sweat, so bacteria grow, then they spread to socks. By the time you take your shoes off at night, bacteria have spread to shoe lining, socks and feet. The way to get rid of the smell is by washing your feet real good with soap and water and letting your shoes dry out thoroughly overnight.

How Come Water Has No Color?

The simple answer is because light passes through it very easily. Large bodies of water do take on a color because it takes light longer to pass through since it is so dense. Water is a basic building block. Humans are made of over 80% water.

How Do Planets Stay up in the Sky?

The planets in our solar system circle our sun and the sun holds them in its gravitational pull. Because they are moving and have consistent momentum, they continue to orbit around the sun. If they slowed down, they would crash into the sun but if they sped up, they would fly off into space.

Why Does Santa Wear Red?

A bishop named Nicolas lived in Turkey many years ago and he loved all children and was very kind to them. When he died the Catholic Church made him a Saint. Santa (also known as Saint Nicolas) wears red because bishops wear red and the original St. Nicolas was a bishop.

Learning From Our Children

Seeing the world through a child’s eyes is such a unique experience and it can make adults think twice about ordinary things. Many parents are so busy that they don’t really listen to their kids but kids often have very important thoughts and ideas. Develop stronger bonds with your children by listening and responding thoughtfully to what they have to say. As parents are teaching their children, they can be learning a great deal from them.

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