Offering the Ultimate Beach Camp Experience for Hidden Hills Kids, Ages 4-14 for 23 years!

For 23 years, Fitness by the Sea Beach Day Camp, located in Santa Monica and Pacific Palisades has been letting Hidden Hills kids cool off by the ocean, enjoy friendship and fun, and create long-lasting memories. Here are just some of the great things our camp offers:

Summers go by fast! Don’t let another one go by without joining other Hidden Hills families at the best beach camp experience available! Sign Up Today!

Schedule for 1 day or 54! Sign up by the Day

Some camps lock you in upfront to a week or two on specific dates. Who can commit to an entire block of time these days? We work with your schedule and budget. You can come to camp on Monday one week, Tuesday and Wednesday another week, skip several weeks, then come back the next month! With 54 days to choose from, it’s totally up to you!

What does it cost?

Let’s face it. Just about any camp is expensive—some ridiculously so. We keep our rates as low as we can to offer the FBS camp experience to as many kids as possible. The current daily rate is $81 per child depending on the number of days you purchase. This is our Early Bird Discount rate that expires on May 1st.

Open House – Get a Firsthand Sneak Peek!

We always say that Fitness by the Sea is like one big family for staff, current and past campers, and campers’ families. We want you to be a part of the family too by getting to know us in person. Come out to our next Open House in Pacific Palisades near Santa Monica.

It’s completely free, but because we expect a full camp, please get your tickets here so we can be sure we’ve got it all covered and have plenty of food, games, and staff on hand. We can’t wait to meet your family.

Safety First

Fitness by the Sea day camps are a wonderful option for kids in Hidden Hills, ages 4 to 14, who want to spend their summer vacation on the beach! We place a strong emphasis on providing a safe and nurturing environment for all of our campers, which is why our locations maintain a 6:1 camper to staff ratio! Our professional staff is an average age of 26, and all are CPR certified and diligently trained.

We have taken such great care of the 36,000 kids who have attended FBS the past 22 years, and very proud to be recognized as the “safest beach camp” in the Los Angeles area.

Activities for Every Age, 4-14 Years Old

Fitness by the Sea Beach Camp takes place at L.A.’s best beach locations in Santa Monica and Pacific Palisades. No matter which program you choose, your child will have a blast enjoying over 200 safe and fun beach camp activities they won’t find anywhere else. From surfing to arts and crafts, and boogie boarding to gymnastics, your child has the freedom to choose which activities they want to participate in each day.

Two Camp Locations

Fitness by the Sea offers camps in the Pacific Palisades and Santa Monica. All offer amazing activities and best-in-class counselors, so which do you choose? For those who also consider camp size as a factor, we offer three different camps:

  • Our medium-size camp is our Santa Monica location for children ages 4-14.
  • Our largest camp is our Pacific Palisades location for children ages 4-14.
  • Our Clownfish program for our 4-year old campers is offered directly adjacent to both of our main camp locations. These programs provide a smaller, more intimate environment for our youngest campers.

No matter which camp you choose, we maintain a six-to-one camper-to-counselor ratio and fun is guaranteed! And even non-swimmers are welcome and can enjoy Fitness by the Sea Beach Camp safely.

Memories for Life! Older, Mature Counselors

It’s likely you as a parent remember camp and perhaps a special counselor who made an amazing impact on your life. We have fond memories too, and we hire counselors who understand the role they have. We want kids to come home at the end of each camp day saying, “That was the best day ever!” But we also want kids to look back later and remember the great time they had at FBS Camp. Our counselors know that they are creating memories every day and they take their role seriously.

How to Sign Up for Camp

Ready to sign up for camp now? Use the enrollment form to register for camp today. And feel free to contact us anytime if you have any questions.

Hope to see you this summer at beach camp, but don’t delay because space fills up quickly!