Hayley Alperin

  • hayley-alperin-photoWhat is your nickname: Cheeze
  • Years in Camp (camper and staff member): 9 years as a camper, 6 years as a staff member
  • Favorite Food: Cheese (Or a Nutella Crepe or Sushi)
  • Favorite Camp tradition: The food fight on the last day of camp!
  • Favorite Quote: Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened! As cheesy as that sounds someone says it to me at the end of every summer and that is the only way I get through 9 months of no camp!
  • What you look forward to every year at camp: The people!
  • Favorite Camp Memory: The first year I won the spirit stick as a counselor! It meant something to win it being a counselor instead of a camper and when I was rushed by 200 campers I just started to cry!
  • What FBS Means to Hayley: I simply cannot imagine my childhood, let alone my life without the presence of Fitness by the Sea. When I think back upon my childhood, I think back to all my cherished memories created on the shores of FBS. Considering, I grew up at FBS starting at the age of 5, the community behind FBS has not only become my friends and role models, but they more so have become my family. FBS was my go to place when I needed comfort, consoling, advice and to simply allow myself to be a child. FBS has a magical spirit to it where whenever I was not at camp, I longed to be at camp with the people I loved. Now, considering I am lucky and privileged enough to still be so connected to the FBS family and be a counselor myself — my goal is to give back to children what other prior FBS counselors provided for me. I am beyond grateful for all the lessons FBS has provided me, for all the memories I will continue to create and cherish and for most importantly, all the individuals who have influenced and inspired me! As cheesy as it sounds (no pun intended), FBS will always have a special place in my heart and be considered home.
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