Best Hancock Park Summer Camp for 2018

hancock park summer camp

Best Hancock Park Summer Camp for 2018

Our Santa Monica Beach Camp Serving Hancock Park Families

We often hear from parents in Hancock Park that they want their children to experience the nearby beaches without having to organize a family beach trip. If this sounds familiar, Fitness by the Sea has you covered! Our Santa Monica summer camps have been serving Hancock Park and its surrounding area since 2000.

Transportation Services from Hancock Park

If you want your children to get out of the city and onto the beach this summer, but don’t know if you can fit the extra drive time into your commute, we have you covered! We offer transportation services to Hancock Park residents, one of the bus stops is centrally located in the heart of Hancock Park, at the residential intersection of W 1st Street and S. Las Palmas Avenue.

Safety is Central to Everything We Do

Safety is the number one subject that we receive questions about, and rightfully so! You are entrusting us with your children, and we are strongly committed to ensuring their safety at all times while they are at Fitness by the Sea.

To make sure our campers are always in a safe environment, we only hire professional and skilled counselors, who are an average age of 26. We also make sure that all of our staff members renew their CPR certification before every season. Our training process is diligent and tough, because we make sure that each of our staff members upholds our high standards.

Additionally, we always keep a 6:1 camper to staff ratio at all times, with an even smaller ratio when water activities are involved!

We Offer Flexible Scheduling Options

Many area daycares lock families into set dates and require a minimum number of dates for enrollment, but not Fitness by the Sea! At FBS, we offer flexible scheduling and allow families to enroll their children for whatever days they please, with no minimums or consecutive days required. We also allow you to change your dates without any additional fees. We want to work around your schedule and make sure that Fitness by the Sea is fitting into your life as you see fit.

Our Summer Camps Offer More Than 80 Activities!

They say that variety is the spice of life, and at Fitness by the Sea we agree! That is why we offer more than 80 activities for our campers to choose from, providing them with endless opportunities for fun and different experiences each day they attend FBS. In addition to ensuring our campers have a blast, our variety of activities allow the campers to choose what they want

to do, which provides an excellent opportunity for them to develop leadership skills and self-confidence. When children are growing, they need the chance to experience a variety of passions and skills. This will help them be happier and more confident as they grow older.

Most of our activities fall into four main categories, which include:

Water Fun

Our camps are all located on the beautiful beaches of Southern California, so we incorporate the ocean into all of our locations. Whenever water activities are engaged we keep a small camper to staff ratio, and group campers according to skill level to ensure safety. Your child is never unattended, and we even have county lifeguards on site as an extra level of precaution. Our water activities include swimming, boogie boarding, knee boarding, skim boarding, and splashing around in the waves.

Team Sports

In addition to being fun, team sports are also an excellent chance to educate our campers about teamwork, winning, losing, and sportsmanship. With offerings including volleyball, soccer, dodgeball, kickball, capture the flag, and baseball, your children are guaranteed to have a blast while also learning valuable life lessons! We encourage our campers to work together to create teams names, team cheers, and team handshakes. This helps them bond with kids they don’t know who may also be of a different age, skill level, or background. Team sports are a great way to get campers involved with each other socially while working towards a common goal.

Performing and Visual Arts

All of our locations offer a wide variety of creative outlets for our campers, providing them with a chance to explore their creative side and develop their imaginations. Some of our popular creative activities include visual arts such as arts and crafts, drawing, beading, and face painting. They can also engage in performing arts, such as singing, dancing, theater, and comedy. The camp is structured to allow them time to perform in front of their peers, which gives them a sense of accomplishment and allows them to gain the confidence to get up in front of an audience.

hancock park summer campSpecialized Activities

A wonderful chance for children to learn new skills and develop courage, resilience, and self-control, we also offer a wide selection of specialized activities for our campers. A few of our fun and exciting individual sporting options include gymnastics, tai chi, yoga, martial arts, boxing, and tetherball.  Campers can also explore nature by building sandcastles, looking for sea glass, and engaging in nature walks, which is where a counselor leads them on an educational tour of the beach. These individualized activities are important because they allow for every child to feel like they’re having a personalized experience on the beach. They also encourage campers to make active choices and explore things they may have never been exposed to previously.

Is Our Camp a Fit for Your Family?

If you want to get your children out of Hancock Park and onto the beach this summer, Fitness by the Sea is the camp for you! With our convenient Santa Monica and Pacific Palisades locations, easy transportation options, a wide variety of activities, commitment to safety, and flexible scheduling, you are guaranteed to enjoy your experience with FBS! You can check out our website for videos of previous summers, photos, and more details about who we are and what we do. Contact us today to learn more.

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