dolphin-tales-headerGreat start to our week at FBS SaMo

Monday started shrouded in June Gloom but that did not bring our campers down!  The morning cheers got us rolling, each cabana chose an iconic place in America to represent in honor of both the World Cup and the upcoming 4th of July, and hilarity insued.  The days Spirit Stick winner was Sam from the Dolphin Cabana, continuing the tradition of older campers helping out and setting great examples, and doing it naturally.  The fog burned off just in time for camp to enjoy swimming, boogie boarding, and skim boarding, and stayed hot and bright for the rest of the day.  The Eels won the cabana competition, on old favorite the goldfish toss.  In the morning meeting the staff set the intention of not only creating memorable and fun experiences for our campers but also to reflect and have gratitude for the wonderful opportunity given to work with such great kids in such a beautiful place!  Seriously lucky people!

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