dolphin-tales-headerGracie Wilson

  • gracie-wilson-photo-webWhat is your nickname: G.Wilz
  • Years in Camp (camper and staff member): Going on 5 years as a counselor
  • Favorite Food: Soft Pretzels
  • Favorite Camp tradition: Coneball cabana competition and the “What time is it” cheer
  • Favorite Quote: “Hedgehogs…why can’t they just share the hedge?!”
  • What you look forward to every year at camp: Teaching kids new cheers, teaching kids how to be comfortable in the ocean, and being out in the water yelling “PARTY WAVE!” when big waves come.
  • Favorite Camp Memory: On my last day of camp one year there was a pod of dolphins swimming past the waves. Knowing that I am obsessed with dolphins, as I am the dolphin cabana counselor at camp, all the kids started telling me to go swim after them. I hopped on a surfboard and caught up to the dolphins while all the kids cheered my name. I came out of the water and got lots of high fives and hugs.
  • What FBS means to Gracie: Working with the counselors and kids at FBS has given me four of the most memorable and fun summers of my life. The ocean is my favorite place to be year round and being able to participate at such a fun camp at the beach every day of the summer is great! I love meeting all the kids that come and making them feel like they have just entered the greatest place ever and that they are an important part of the camp, whether they are 4 or 13. I have created many lasting friendships with the counselors and the kids. I met my best friend at this camp as well as several families and kids I stay in contact with year round. I am always amazed by the creativity, energy, and support of my coworkers.
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