dolphin-tales-headerFun Ways For Families to Cut Screen Time — For Good

beach campIt seems that no matter where you look, screens are everywhere. And for kids, this is changing the way they grow up. Currently, children spend more than an average of seven and a half hours staring at a screen, whether it’s a television, a video game console, a cell phone, or a computer. And because of this, not enough children are participating in the recommended 60 minutes of physical activity — in fact, only one in three children are. This lack of activity can have a number of negative effects on a growing child, including behavioral and social issues, weight gain and obesity problems, and impaired cognitive function.

That being said, helping kids reduce their screen time will help them to become happier and healthier in the longterm. Here are some great ways to help kids reduce their screen time — for good:

Lead by Example
If you’re glued to the television or are constantly on your phone or tablet, chances are your child will be too. The best way to help children reduce their screen time is to lead by example. Instead, engage in fun activities that promote real-time socialization, cognitive skill, and physical activity. And trust us, this will benefit you just as much as it will your child.

Get Them Involved
Through organized after school activities like soccer and basketball, kids fitness won’t just be a chore, but instead will become an activity that children look forward to enjoying in their spare time.

Make Summer Time No-Screen Time
During the beautiful summer weather, kids should be where they belong — outside. That being said, there’s no better time to enroll them in summer camp. From day camp to beach camp, summer camp encourages children to leave the screens behind and engage in a meaningful social activity. Beach camps and day camps also encourage children to make new friends and be active and healthy.

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