Fun Fitness Activities for Kids

Keeping kids active can seem challenging, especially during times they aren’t in school like the summer. At Fitness by the Sea, we use a variety of activities to make sure that campers are staying healthy while also having fun. See which of these fun fitness activities your kids gravitate to and keep them active all year long!


Play a Sport


This may seem like an easy choice, but sports are a great way to get kids outside and staying active. There are so many sports to choose from that it doesn’t matter how many participants you have. If you have a large group, a sport like soccer or basketball is a great way to get everyone involved. Large group sports are a great opportunity to get better at a game or even learn a new one.


Have fewer people? Not a problem! There are plenty of athletic activities for one, two, or three people. Creating your own Olympic style competition can keep your kids exercising, while also allowing them to switch things up every once in a while.


Go to the Park, Playground, or Beach


Any open space will do, but these three spots are prime for fitness activities. There’s so much potential at these locations so not only is there something for everyone, there’s almost no limit to the fitness activities available to you. Playgrounds have the benefit of having built-in equipment for kids to climb, run, and jump on. Parks have enough wide-open space that you can bring a frisbee, a lawn game, or any other items to encourage exercise.


Fitness by the Sea’s Santa Monica and Pacific Palisades locations are in perfect spots, right on the beach. The beach is great for playing volleyball, jogging along the water, and of course swimming. On a nice summer day, there’s nothing better than spending it at the beach. 


Go for a Walk or a Run


Going for a walk, jog, or run can be a great fitness activity for both you and your kid. It can make for a new bonding experience and is great exercise. Even just getting them out of the house and walking around the neighborhood is a fun way for them to get their steps for the day. You can even have races in your backyard or down the street.


If you live by any trails or ponds, these can be great scenic walks on a nice day. Even if you or your kid don’t normally enjoy exercise, this is a great way to enjoy the views while staying fit.


Try a Summer Camp


Many summer camps already incorporate many of these activities into their daily routine. Campers at Fitness by the Sea, for example, have opportunities for varied activities from surfing to dance and more. Kids at a summer camp have the benefit of having a lot of new friends to participate in fun fitness activities with. It’s also great for parents who don’t have a lot of time to oversee these activities.


At Fitness by the Sea, staying active is easy with our diverse selection of summer fitness activities. Interested in having your kid participate in our camps? Choose your location and register or learn more!