Foster Creativity in your Kids with Arts and Crafts

At Fitness by the Sea we see how often kids discover amazing ideas during their childhood years through arts and crafts. You may recall a specific project that piqued your curiosity or revealed how good you were at drawing. Those formative years are so important for kids. From about the age of 3 through their teens, children can explore their creative side and discover great loves that will stay with them throughout the years.

A fun crafts project shouldn’t be reserved for school or a rainy day. Encourage your kids to turn off the TV and the video games and come up with a creative idea for used soup cans, pipe cleaners or yarn. A crafts project doesn’t just have to be for fun either. You could study the California Gold Rush with your kids and then create large gold nuggets out of paper mache. A good way to teach kids the names of the planets is to cut out and color planets, writing the names on each one, then tack them to a bulletin board in their correct order.

Great Ideas

Buy large and small paper plates. Paint them brown, then glue them together to make teddy bears. Paint them black and white to make Pandas. Use beads, beans or buttons for the eyes and mouth. You can buy chalkboard paint now in a variety of colors and transform a plain piece of poster board into a unique and highly colorful chalkboard. Decorate it with paper or silk flowers, butterflies or lady bugs. Once you get your crafts project completed, show your kids how to post photos on Pinterest so they can show the whole world their project.

A Few Tips

Many studies highlight the importance of encouraging children to express themselves with arts and crafts projects. Kids need a designated area where they can make a mess. Make sure they have “special clothes” that they can paint on without worrying about it. Always encourage children; never be critical. Even if they make a huge mess or ruin something, they need to know that it’s okay and they’re doing good.

Even toddlers should be encouraged to have fun and play. Buy them a toy plastic broom and dustpan and let them pretend to clean. In warmer weather get your child a bucket, spade and rake and encourage them to plant some seeds or clean up leaves in the yard. These types of activities help kids to stay active and use their imaginations. Studies have consistently proven that children who follow this path often begin learning faster and develop a higher IQ. Conversely, those who are just left in front of a TV all the time develop more slowly and have poor social skills.

Children need to stay active and involved. They benefit from playing with other kids and inventing their own games. At Fitness By the Sea, we love playing games with our kids. We offer them a number of creative arts and crafts activities. We keep the kids busy and involved. Kids learn stronger social skills and develop a love of art at an early age. They can use their imagination, laugh, run, and have fun.

Fitness by the Sea has over 80 indoor and outdoor activities. Kids never get bored and always beg to visit again soon. We provide exceptional security so they can play safe whatever they’re doing. Why not stop by and check out one of our 5 day camps soon? Our camps are located on the beautiful shores of southern California and we’re never short on fun. We offer Early Bird discounts so call or come by soon.