Evan Cuthbert

  • evan-cuthbert-photoNickname: Little E
  • Years in Camp: 9
  • Favorite Food: Chipotle Burritos!
  • Favorite Camp Tradition: FBS Morning Cheers are the best! Every day its something new, putting our counselors on the spot and highlighting our campers creativity and courage.
  • Favorite Quote: “If you think you can do a thing or think you can’t do a thing, you’re right.” Henry Ford
  • What I Look Forward To: Seeing the excited faces of our returning campers when camp begins, and seeing the faces of timid first time campers become full of excitement and joy as they experience and enjoy camp!
  • Favorite Camp Memory: Founder and owner Eric Colton doing his spin on the little mermaid, dressed as Ariel, singing the camp rules. At the end he walked to the waters edge and all of camp started chanting to him “Commit, commit, commit!” as he swam off into the ocean. Just priceless!
  • What FBS means to Evan: I started working at FBS the summer after I graduated from The Ohio State University, thinking it would be a great last fun job before my “real” career started. That was nine years ago, I had no idea how special this camp was going to be to me, and how much it was going to impact my life. After my first year as a counselor I left to join corporate America, and quickly realized that the money was not worth the role I was forced to play, I knew I had to get back to FBS summer camp. Fortune favors the daring, and I took a chance and made a choice with my heart and my head, and that has led to the most fulfilling years of my life directing FBS summer camps. From the incredible staff at our camps to the amazing, goofy, caring campers, I smile every day knowing how fortunate I am to be a part of this world class organization. During my time at FBS I have been fortunate to experience the camp as a counselor, assistant director, and director, working hand in hand with the founder and owner, Eric Colton. This has allowed me to learn the camp from multiple perspectives and to gain a true understanding of what makes summer camp so important, and in particular what makes Fitness by the Sea so unique, engaging, and valuable to the communities it serves.
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