Join Us This Summer at Encino’s #1 Beach Camp for Children Ages 4-14

Boy standing on wakeboard in water

Join other kids at Encino’s #1 beach camp in Santa Monica and Pacific Palisades. At Fitness by the Sea, we encourage fun and friendly relationships, allowing for everyone to feel included while fostering individual growth and development.

Here are just some of the great things our camp offers:

So whether your child is completely new to the beach or a veteran wanting to try out a new activity, Fitness by the Sea has an amazing camp experience waiting for them!

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Sign Up by the Day – 54 Days of Possibilities!

You know the drill: the summer stretches out with weeks of possibilities for your child. Then when you look at your own work schedule, vacation, and other commitments, that window starts to close and your options narrow. We get it. So we became the first beach camp to offer flexible day-to-day schedules.

Sign up for a day here and a day there—there’s no minimum. Have a last-minute conflict? That’s absolutely ok. We’ll let you switch your days around however you like. Even up to midnight the day before!

Early Bird Discount – Save 10%

We want as many kids to have as much fun as we do every day. That’s why we offer an Early Bird discount rate as low as $81 per day. This price includes all camp activities, supervision, instruction, and program equipment provided by the camp.

Open House Come Try Us Out for Free! 

We know choosing a camp can be stressful. So many options and a summer that seems long but fills up quickly and is over too soon. That’s why we love our open house where we not only get to tell parents what we’re all about but show them too! So, come join us for our next Open House offered at our Pacific Palisades camp, near Santa Monica.

Featuring water and sand activities, food/refreshments, games, arts and crafts, and so much more!

Get your tickets here. We anticipate a full crowd so don’t wait!

Safety is Our Main Focus

Fitness by the Sea was started by parents, so we understand that safety is at the forefront of your mind when you are considering sending your child off to beach camp. That is why we place a strong emphasis on safety, hiring only professional and well-trained counselors, many of whom are parents and teachers. The average age of our staff is 26, and every individual is CPR-certified.

We also keep a strict 6:1 camper to staff ratio at all times to ensure that your child’s safety is always a priority!. We diligently train our staff to handle any and all situations that may arise, which is why we’re are recognized as the “safest beach camp” in the Los Angeles area for the past 23 years!

50 Daily Activities – Where Kids Find the Best Version of Themselves

At Fitness by the Sea, we want your child to find the best version of themselves. How do they do that? By learning what their passion is and by finding other kids with that same interest. We have tons of activities—all completely customizable for each child’s talents and skills. If they haven’t found it, we’ll help them! With so many activities to choose from, every kid will find out exactly what they love, and if they don’t love it, they can move to something else!

Every day we offer over 50 different activities while our staff actively participates in every activity to serve as positive role models in teamwork, leadership, creativity, sportsmanship, and fun!

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Which Camp Is the Right One?

How do you know which one is best for your child. We offer two different sizes to appeal to different ages, experience and skill levels, and personalities:

Pacific Palisades (Will Rogers Beach, Tower 14) is our most established location, offering the largest variety of activities and an unrivaled level of energy and spirit. Campers range in age from 4 – 14.

Santa Monica (North of Pier, Parking Lot #8 North) is a wonderful choice offering a smaller camp experience, but still with tons of fun activities to choose from. Campers range in age from 4 – 14.

Our Clownfish Program is offered at both locations to accommodate 4-year-olds in a separate designated area with a lower camper to counselor ratio.

Amazing Counselors for a Boredom-Free Zone

Has your child ever complained about going to camp? Have they ever said they were bored, didn’t like the counselors, or felt left out? Or maybe they come home and when you ask how their day went, they say, “It was ok.” We guarantee your child will come home each day and say, “That was the most awesome day ever!” To make that guarantee a reality, we know our counselors must be top-notched. They know they are shaping lives and giving kids the confidence to deal with things just a little out of their comfort zone. They just GET kids and their awesome, incredible imaginative minds.

The Best Summer Yet!

At Fitness by the Sea, we’re gearing up for the best summer yet and we hope you’ll join us. If after learning all about our program and you’re ready to join us, here’s our enrollment form. If you still have more questions, just drop us an email at email hidden; JavaScript is required or give us a call at (310) 459-2425 to speak with one of our camp directors. We are always readily available to discuss our program or any concerns you might have.

And because we like to make the signup experience as easy as possible, remember you can always add or change days, and take advantage of some of our amazing and responsibly priced add-ons like healthy lunch choices.