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101 Summer Activities For Kids From Fitness by the Sea

101 Summer Activities For Kids From Fitness by the Sea Camp

Keeping your kids entertained all summer long can be a daunting task. That’s why our camp directors at Fitness by the Sea have compiled this useful guide of 101 summer activities for kids.

Rest assured, you don’t have to be at our Santa Monica kids camp or the Pacific Palisades to have a blast with these activities. These games, crafts, and projects are for kids everywhere!

Attention Parents: Located in Los Angeles, CA but can’t keep your child at home during the summer because of work? Find out more about our Los Angeles summer camp opportunities!

Without further ado, here’s our hand-picked list of summer activities for kids.

Have Some (Educational) Fun With Science Projects!

These educational activities for kids will allow your child to have a blast while learning some awesome new things!

Science Summer Activities For Kids

Photo Credit: Coffee Cups & Crayons

1. Make a Solar Oven

Teach your kids the ins-and-outs of solar energy with this fun, easy, and delicious project that uses the power of the sun to bake s’mores!

2. Create a Mentos Geyser in Your Backyard

For an exciting chemistry lesson, take your budding scientists into the back yard and build a mentos geyser.

3. Learn About Density With Rainbow Jars

Educate your kiddos on the concept of density by layering common household liquids like dish soap, honey, corn syrup, and olive oil to create these beautiful rainbow jars.

4. Erupt A Backyard Volcano

What better way to learn about the science of volcanoes than by creating your own

5. Experiment With Rainbow Colored Flowers & Celery

Have some fun with food coloring while teaching your children about flowers and plants with this experiment. All you need is white flowers or celery stalks, food coloring, water, and a bit of patience. 

6. Launch Alka-Seltzer Rockets

Introduce your kids to physics and space with the exciting outdoor experiment. To create these easy-to-make rockets you will only need a few supplies: a canister, alka seltzer, water, tape, and this adorable rocket template

7. Teach Your Kids About Weather With a Tornado in a Jar

Entertain and educate your kids with this five-minute science project that only requires a tall jar, tap water, and dish soap. It doesn’t get easier than this

8. Discover How Clouds Make Rain

This indoor experiment requires minimal supplies and is an easy way to teach kids about the science behind rain clouds

9. Delve Into Chemistry with This Rock Candy Project

For an educational and delicious chemistry lesson, we love this rock candy experiment! You will need a few basic baking ingredients and some time to observe the formation of rock crystals. 

10. Watch Water Walk

Learn about the many properties of water and paper towels with this fascinating experiment! Like many of the above projects, you will only need basic household supplies including tap water, mason jars, food coloring, and paper towels. 


Get Creative with Arts & Crafts

Artsy Activities For Kids - Ballon splatter paint

Photo Credit: hello, Wonderful

11. Create Leaf Rubbing Collages

Why not incorporate the outdoors into your arts and crafts by making a leaf rubbing collage

12. Paint Rainbows with Bubbles

To create these bubble blower paintings, mix bubbles with food color of choice and then use bubble wands to blow the bubble mixture onto the paper of your choice for creative and beautiful designs that will delight your kids! 

13. Get Messy With Some Splatter Painting

For a cheap, easy, and fun outdoor art project, you cannot go wrong with splatter painting

14. Make Your Own Playdough

Your children will first get to entertain themselves as they prepare the playdough with this recipe. After making the playdough, they will have a fun craft to play with all afternoon.

15. Build DIY Paper Kites

Making your own DIY kites and taking them out to your favorite sunny spot on a breezy day is the perfect way to spend a summer day with your kids! 

16. String Together Macaroni Rainbows

This is a great opportunity to let your kids explore their artistic side while creating a beautiful decoration they can show off to friends and family! You can learn all about creating these adorable macaroni rainbows here

17. Cool Off With Frozen Paint Cubes

Creating beautiful art with frozen paint cubes is a wonderful way for your children to keep cool while they discover their inner artist! 

18. Enjoy The Outdoors With Balloon Splatter Painting

To experiment with balloon splatter painting, fill small-sized balloons with brightly-colored (washable) paint and secure them to your canvas with thumbtacks. Then, have your children take a screwdriver and pop the balloons. 

19. Sculpt Sunshine Filled Memories with Sunshine Clay

Perfect for the warm and sunny days of summer, this sunshine clay craft will allow you to utilize the hours of sunlight for a fun art project with your kids. 

20. Get Beachy With A Sea Shell Sand Craft

Visiting the beach this summer? Be sure to collect plenty of shells so your kids can try out this fun seashell craft which uses colored sand to create beautiful mementos. 

Want some more great crafts? Check out our 30 favorite summer crafts for kids, instructions included!


Check out some of the Creative Activities offered at our Day Camp in Los Angeles!

Explore Nature

Nature can be full of activities for kids. These activities are low cost and allow your child to explore outside!

21. Host A Nature Scavenger Hunt

Activities For Kids in Nature - Little Girl Gardening

Photo Credit: My Frugal Adventures

Keep your kids entertained for hours with a fun and educational outdoor scavenger hunt! Check out this free printable with ideas to help them explore and discover the world around them.

22. Make DIY Bird Feeders

This an easy way to help your children explore nature and learn about the bird populations in your area. All you need is a toilet paper roll, bird seed, peanut butter, and VOILA, you have bird feeders

23. Identify Clouds

We love this cloud identifier project! This interactive project will help your kids enjoy the fresh air while learning all about the different types of cloud formations. Find a free cloud viewer printable, here

24. Create An Outdoor Fairy Garden

Let your children explore nature and learn about gardening by building an adorable fairy garden in your backyard!

25. Find Your Inner Hippie With Nature Tie Dye Shirts

Your kids will love this creative tie dye project that allows them to explore their artistic side in nature and create a beautiful shirt they can show off later. 

26. Go On A Backyard Bug Hunt

Teach your kids about the different types of bugs and get them out of the house with this easy checklist

27. Preserve Nature Discoveries with A Collage

Have your children collect their favorite flowers and foliage from your yard to create a lovely nature craft collage. This activity is the perfect combination of nature exploration and art! 

28. Have Some Fun With Playdough Nature Prints

This is another artistic way to explore nature with your children! Simply have them collect items as they explore nature and save those memories by imprinting them in playdough

29. Plant Grass Seed in Eggs for an Adorable Gardening Lesson

Help your kids discover their green thumb with this adorable gardening project. All you need is egg shells, dirt, and your seeds of choice! 

30. Get Messy With Mud Paint

We love this fun and messy mud paint recipe that will keep your children entertained and out of the house all afternoon! 

Cool Off with Outdoor Water Activities

Everything is more fun when you add water! Make sure you have your bathing suit on, because these activities for kids are bound to get you wet!

Water Activities For Kids - boy jumping with water

Photo Credit: Parents Magazine via Kinzie & Rieh

31. Make Water Balloon Piñatas

For an afternoon of fun, why not set up a clothesline with water balloon piñatas for your kids and their friends! It doesn’t get easier than this.

32. Create a DIY Waterslide

A cheap alternative to a day at the waterpark a water slide in your backyard! All you will need is a large tarp and a hose. 1

33. Start a Game of Water Jump Rope

Water jump rope is a super easy way to keep your kids entertained on a hot day!

34. Build a Pool Noodle Sprinkler

Feeling crafty? Try replicating this easy and affordable pool noodle sprinkler for hours of water fun on the cheap! 

35. Make PVC Pipe Water Shooters

If your kids love to build and create, they will love this activity! It does require a few more supplies than the other activities listed here, but is a great interactive activity to keep your kiddos entertained.

36. Have a Water Balloon Toss

Repurpose milk jugs for an old-fashioned water balloon toss! This will keep your kids busy and cool even on the hottest summer days. 

37. Create a DIY Dunk Bucket

This project is guaranteed to keep your family laughing all day long! For hours of memorable fun, learn how to build your own here

38. Plan A Game of Water Balloon Baseball

We are big fans of this twist on the classic game! Get the whole neighborhood involved for an afternoon of water fun in the sun. 

39. Get Creative With A Water Bottle Sprinkler

This interactive activity is perfect for kids that love to build and create. Even better, they can cool off with the finished product! 

40. Make Your Own Water Balloon Parachutes

Your children will be amazed with these easy, yet magical, water balloon parachutes


If your child loves the water, consider signing them up for camp with us at Fitness by the Sea to experience all of the water activities we offer every summer.

Stay Active With These Indoor Activities for Kids on Rainy Days

There’s fun to be had even on rainy days. Check out these cool activities that will help keep your kids entertained while inside.

41. Set Up A DIY Laser Maze

Ballon Tennis - indoor sports for kids

Photo Credit: Princess Pinky Girl via Little Bins for Little Hands

Fans of action-packed films will love this DIY laser maze

42. Plan A Game of Indoor Bowling

Who is up for a game of bowling that doesn’t involve a trip out of the house? Have hours of rainy day fun with this budget-friendly version. 

43. Play Indoor Tape Games

We love all of these indoor tape games from What Mom’s Love! The possibilities are endless for long days stuck indoors with bored kiddos. 

44. Have an Indoor Scavenger Hunt

Who says you have to be outdoors to have a fun scavenger hunt? Try a lego, puzzle piece or color chip hunt for hours of active fun on your next rainy day.

45. Get Playful with Balloon Tennis

Just because it’s raining doesn’t mean you can’t have a good game of tennis! We can’t wait to try out this indoor version with balloons and fly swatters! 

46. Make Your Own Circus Ring Toss

This activity is the perfect combination of crafty and active! First have you kids create this brightly colored ring toss, and when it dries, they can engage in circus fun all day long! 

47. Build Your Own Indoor Golf Course

Bring your favorite game of mini golf indoors with this adorable DIY golf course. This is another game that provides double the entertainment as your kids get to construct it before they play!

48. Get Your Kids Moving With Paper Plate Skating

If you have an aspiring figure skater on your hands, they will love this simple indoor activity. All you need is paper plates or dryer sheets

49. Start a Game of Laundry Basket Skee Ball

Bring this arcade favorite into your home for free with this fun tutorial. All you need is laundry baskets, balls, cardboard, and a little creativity! 

50. Try Your Hand At Juggling

For some circus fun, why not let your kids try juggling! This is a great way to keep them active while also working on development of motor skills. 


Even at our beach camp, we make sure our campers have just as many activities in the shade so they stay safe and have things to do on a rainy day- check out some of our fun shade ideas here.

Introduce Your Kids to Cooking

Cooking Activities For Kids - edible bread painting

Photo Credit: Kids Craft Room 

51. Create Fruit Rainbow Pizzas

These colorful pizzas are both fun for kids to create and delicious to eat! Find full directions, here

52. Make Ice Cream in a Bag

Your kids are going to be amazed by this easy and interactive ice cream in a bag recipe! All you need is a few basic ingredients – no fancy equipment required! 

53. Practice Counting and Spelling with Pretzel Letters

This baking project is both an educational and delicious way to entertain your children with cooking! For a recipe and tips, check out this post. 

54. Learn Your Numbers with Cookie Dominoes

Here is another educational cooking activity that we just can’t get enough of! Your kids will love learning how to count and bake with this fun recipe for cookie dominoes

55. Whip Up Some Bread in a Bag

This activity serves up some pretty awesome bread alongside a lesson in chemistry! Learn how to set up the perfect bread in a bag activity, here.

56. Create One-of-a-Kind Pancake Art

Start the day off right with this playful pancake idea! Simply whip up some pancake batter, add food coloring, place the mixture into bottles, and get ready for some crazy looking breakfast food

57. Try Your Hand at Bread Painting

The creator of this recipe describes it as “art you can eat.” What could be better! Check out her recipe for edible paint here

58. Test Out a No-Bake Recipe

If you don’t trust your kids around a hot stove top, there are plenty of no bake recipes that can introduce them to cooking in a risk-free environment. 

59. Create Adorable Fruit & Chocolate Lady Bugs

You and your children are going to have a blast with this cute (and healthy) recipe! The best part is… it only has three ingredients! 

60. Make Butter in a Jar

Give your kids a taste of pioneer life by letting them make their very own butter in a jar! In addition to getting a batch of butter, you can use this as an interactive history lesson. 

Explore Fine Arts with Dance, Theater, Music, & Song!

61. Create Your Own Kazoos

Freeze Dancing in Paint - Art Activities for Kids

Photo Credit: Coffee Cups & Crayons 

We love an activity that doubles as a craft, and this project does just that! Learn how to create your own here

62. Set Up A Puppet Theater

Incorporate theater and song into your children’s play with this DIY puppet theater

63. Do Some Drumming

Let your kids make some noise and learn a thing or two about music with these 20 activities to learn and play with drums

64. Explore Creative Movement With Streamers

This is a great way to introduce your kids to the idea of dance and creative movement. To get started, check out these six ideas that we love! 

65. Make a Story Telling Jar

A storytelling jar filled with prompts is a great way to get your kids to explore their theatrical interests. Ready to get started? Find a free printable, here!

66. Play with Water Xylophones

Teach your kids about science and music with this super fun water xylophone experiment! This project only requires a few ingredients and will provide your children with tons of entertainment.

67. Combine Dance & Art With Freeze Dance Painting

For this freeze dance painting activity, all you need is a large canvas, some paint, and a kid that loves to dance.

68. Learn About Rhythm With Basketball

We love this activity for teaching kids about rhythm with Rhythm Basketball! Learn more about this unique approach to musical theory here

69. Teach Your Kids About Percussion with DIY Rainsticks

Keep your children busy all day long with this DIY rainstick project! It only takes a few supplies and will result in an instrument your kids can play with for weeks. 

70. Play Charades

This fun and easy classic is a great way to introduce your children to improv theater! For a fun list of ideas, check out this list at Moms & Munchkins

There are so many different Arts and Creative Activities at Fitness by the Sea, check out our activities for some more ideas!

Get Out of the House With These (Free) Field Trip Ideas

Little boy driving in a fire truck

Photo Credit: Mary About Town

71. Plan a Family Hike

Planning a family hike will give you kids something to look forward to all week long! To find fun trails near your city, check out this easy search tool from All Trails.

72. Take Your Kids on a Factory Tour

This is a great way to teach your kids about where the things they use come from! It is a great educational opportunity to open their eyes to the world around them.

73. Schedule a Fire Station Tour

What kid doesn’t want to meet a firefighter? In addition to being a fun outing for your kiddos, this is also a great opportunity to educate them about fire safety.

74. Volunteer in the Community

Helping the community as a family is an excellent way to teach your children about the value of community service. We love this list of ideas from Parents Magazine

75. Visit Your Public Library

In addition to providing your kids with educational and fun reading, many public libraries also offer free activities for children. Find your local library here

76. Pick Berries at a Local Farm

Visiting a local farm to pick berries, corn, or tomatoes is a wonderful way to teach your children about where their food comes from.

77. Plan a Trip to a Trash or Recycling Facility

This is another activity that will both entertain and educate your children. You can find some educational materials for your recycling center field trip at PBS.

78. Tour Your Local Post Office

Contact your local post office to see if they offer free tours! Your kids will love learning about how the mail delivery system works.

79. Visit a Museum

Research the museums in your area to find out which ones offer free admissions! Many museums admit children below a certain age in for free or have one day a week that is open to the public free of charge.

80. Plan a Picnic at Your Favorite Park

Have your kids help you plan and pack a picnic for you to enjoy in your park of choice! This is a free and easy way to get out of the house and enjoy some fresh air.

Quiet Indoor Activities for Kids to Wind Down

81. Make a Toddler Zen Tray

Quiet Activities For Kids - Indoor kids tent

Photo Credit: Architecture Art Designs via Little Hearts Books

This is a wonderful sensory activity to help toddlers wind down before nap time. Make your own with a tray, rice, and paint brushes! 

82. Build a DIY Tent to Read In

Have you kids put together a DIY tent to relax and read in. If you are looking for tent ideas, we love this list for inspiration

83. Try These Sponge Blocks

These easy-to-make sponge blocks are a quiet alternative to traditional building blocks. 

84. Put Together “Busy Bags”

This is a great way to keep your kids occupied while you sleep in on a weekend or get some work done in the afternoon. Check out these 10 totally unique ideas from Powerful Mothering

85. Create Quiet Time Boxes

Similarly, these quiet time boxes filled with coloring supplies, toy animals, and other supplies, are an excellent way to keep your toddler entertained when they just don’t want to take a nap! 

86. Introduce Your Kids to Yoga

This is the perfect way to help your kids wind down after a long day of fun in the sun. Not sure where to start? Check out these 30 easy yoga poses for children. 

87. Do Some Old-Fashioned Coloring

Coloring is an easy way to help kids fit in some quiet time in the midst of our always-on-the-go culture! For ideas, check out these free printable resources suggested by Inner Child Fun. 

88. Enjoy a Puzzles & Pajamas Picnic

This is such a sweet way to help kids relax after a busy day! All you need is some puzzles, pajamas, and your kid’s favorite snacks

89. Play the Quiet Game

If you are in need of some much-deserved relaxation, set you kids up with this fun twist on the quiet game! It will keep you kids entertained while you regain some much-needed sanity.

90. Set up Your Very Own Drive-In Theater

Your kids are going to love this one-of-a-kind movie viewing idea! The best part is, you can first focus on making DIY cars out of cardboard box and then sit back and relax while your children enjoy the fruits of their labor. 

Have Friends Over For Some Classic Summer Games

kids doing a water balloon toss outside

Photo Credit: Urban Funny Farm

91. Play Capture the Flag

Remember this classic camp game from your youth? If you are rusty on the rules, check out this convenient overview

92. Host a Friendly Game of Dodgeball

Another classic childhood game, dodgeball is certain to keep your children and their friends entertained and active for hours. You can review the official rules here.

93. Cool Off With Water Balloon Volleyball

A twist on one of our favorite games, water balloon volleyball follows similar rules. All you will need is towels, water balloons, and a net! 

94. Test Out Some Relay Races

There are endless possibilities for creative and entertaining relay races. Some of our favorites are on this list

95. Set Up A Backyard Obstacle Course

Your kids and their friends will love competing to see who can complete the obstacle course first! Need inspiration? Check out this guide from Family Education. 

96. Host a Backyard Olympics

For an afternoon of epic summer fun, why not host a backyard competition for the neighborhood kids? We love these creative ideas for hosting your very own backyard Olympic games. 

97. Introduce Your Kids to Classic Team Sports

An afternoon of outdoor fun with your kids and their friends is the perfect opportunity to introduce them to classic sports like baseball, volleyball, and soccer.

98. Teach Them Parachute Games

Remember parachute games from your childhood? It’s time to invest in your very own parachute so you can teach your kids and their friends what it’s all about. For ideas, check out these parachute games and activities for kids. 

99. Start a Game of Tag

Who doesn’t love a good game of tag? For twists on the classic school yard game, check out this list from Ultimate Camp Resource.

100. Create A Mini Golf Course in Your Backyard

Instead of taking your kids and their friends to the local mini golf course, wow them with this adorable mini golf course

101. Send Your Kid to Summer Camp!

According to the American Camp Association, there are many benefits of sending your kids to summer camp including the development of social skills, character building, and community living skills. If you are located in Southern California, we’d LOVE to have your children join our Fitness by the Sea family for some fun this summer! We have both a Pacific Palisades and a Santa Monica kids camp. Nothing beats summer camp when it comes to fun activities for kids!