Discover Fitness by the Sea, Calabasas Summer Beach Camp for Kids, Ages 4-14

Fitness by the Sea has been offering a fantastic beach camp experience located in the Pacific Palisades and Santa Monica for Calabasas kids, ages 4 to 14 since 2000. We’ve been around that long because over 36,000 kids in the LA area (who have attended FBS) love our camp as much as we do!

Here are just some of the great things our camp offers in a positive, encouraging environment:

So whether your child never dipped a toe into the ocean or is very comfortable in the water, we have a place for them at the # 1 Beach Camp in the L.A. area!

Life happens. That’s why we offer day-by-day registration.

At Fitness by the Sea, we understand that life happens. Often after you’ve cleared your child’s schedule and committed for a week at a camp–then something comes up and you can’t make all the days. That’s why at FBS we offer day-by-day registration. You can switch your days that fit into YOUR schedule, not ours.

Early Bird Sign Up – Save 10%

We want as many kids to have as much fun as we do every day. That’s why we offer an Early Bird discount rate as low as $81 per day. This price includes all camp activities, supervision, instruction, and program equipment provided by the camp.

Join Us for Our Next Open House

We try to give you as much info as we can through our website, but there is nothing like seeing Fitness by the Sea beach day camp in action. Why not join us for an open house this Spring? It’s like a free camp day!

We anticipate a lot of participants, so grab free tickets here.

How Safe is Fitness by the Sea?

When we talk with prospective parents, they often have questions about the safety of their children, and we totally understand! Fitness by the Sea was started by parents, so safety is our number one priority at all of our locations. We ensure a protected and nurturing environment by hiring a professional staff made up of many parents and teachers, all of whom are CPR trained and certified.

Fitness by the Sea has a flawless safety record and is recognized as the “safest beach camp” in the Los Angeles area for the past 22 years!


50 Daily Activities to Discover Your Best

We offer campers a fun, engaging, encouraging environment where they can safely explore over 50 different activities each day to discover their natural talents and interests. The best thing is, they aren’t locked into any set schedule. They can try something out and if they don’t like it, they can bail and try something else. We tailor our activities to each child, because we know when a child finds something they truly love, it will foster confidence, skill-building, and self-esteem

Whatever your camper loves to do, he or she will find it at Fitness by the Sea! Each day we offer a tremendous range of aquatics, team sports, individual sports, creative activities, and in the shade activities to appeal to a wide variety of camper interests.

Flexible Camps to Fit your Child’s Needs

One of the hallmarks of Fitness by the Sea is that we’re flexible. A child doesn’t have to be locked into a set schedule or activity and we offer an amazing variety array of choices. This customized camp experience is offered at both of our camp locations.

  • Pacific Palisades (Will Rogers State Beach, Tower 14) – This camp hosts the most campers on a daily basis and offers the largest variety of activities. Ages: 4 to 14.
  • Santa Monica  (North of the Santa Monica Pier, Parking Lot #8 North) – This camp is big enough to offer an amazing variety of activities but still small enough for those campers who prefer a more nurturing environment. Ages: 4 to 14.
  • Clownfish Program – We have a program just for our 4-year old campers that provides for a smaller, more intimate experience located directly adjacent to both of our main camp sites.

Our Amazing Counselors

So many parents ask us, “Where did you find such amazing counselors?” We hand-select our counselors by their enthusiasm, creativity, commitment, and ability to be silly, goofy, and fun but level-headed too. We want your kids to find positive, encouraging role models in our counselors and staff members. Our team knows they will have a big impact on each kid’s life and they take this responsibility very seriously. They feel honored to be a part of kids’ life and they want each and every kid to come home sandy, healthy, happy, and saying, “That was the best day ever!”

Happy Campers Guaranteed

Because we have been in business for 22 years, we have had many thousands of campers. Nearly every one of them loves the experience (and many of our  wonderful counselors are former FBS campers themselves!). So the chances are excellent that your child will too. But because we’re so confident, when you sign up for camp, your tuition is protected by a money-back guarantee if you cancel by May 16th. If after camp starts, your child is you’re not having as great a time as we are, just let us know. We will work with you to enroll your child in a different camp on any day.

Sign Up Today!

Every summer, our camp offers 50 camp days. That’s a lot, but days do fill up, so be sure to sign up today. Also remember that you can add and switch camp days around as needed so you are not locked into a set schedule. We also offer fantastic and reasonably priced add-ons, like healthy lunches, early and extended care,  We love our camp and know you and your family will love it too!