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Best Brentwood Summer Camp for 2018

Our convenient beach camp locations serving Brentwood families

Fitness by the Sea has been serving families from Brentwood and its surrounding area for 18 years with our safe and fun-filled beach programs perfect for children ages 5-14. Our Santa Monica summer camp is located only five miles from the heart of Brentwoodjust north of the Santa Monica Pier at Tower 10and provides a wide range of sports, arts, and water activities.

Our largest day camp is located less than a 15-minute drive from Brentwood, in Pacific Palisades on Will Rogers Beach at Tower 14. It serves campers age 5-14 with a wide selection of fun and exciting daily activities for campers to pick and choose from.

In search of a smaller summer camp for your four-year-old? No worries! Our Palisades North location welcomes children ranging from 4-10. This location hosts a special Starfish Program for four-year-old campers. It includes counselors dedicated to making sure our youngest campers have the extra attention that they need.

Our professional and well-trained staff keeps safety first

When we talk to parents, one of their top concerns is always safetyand rightfully so! That is why all of our locations are staffed with mature, well-trained staff members, many of whom are parents and teachers! The average age of our counselors is 26, and all staff members are also CPR-certified. We keep a 6:1 camper to staff ratio at all times. This becomes a 3:1 ratio when water sports are involved.

Our approach to safety is three-tiered: safety in the water, safety from the sun, and safety from others. We make sure that our safety procedures are all-inclusive because your child’s protection is what we care about most!

Regarding our flawless safety record, one area parent stated on Yelp, “there are safety upon safety measures in place and I feel totally safe with my kid in the ocean there.” Another parent stated, “the counselors are warm, engaging and caring and I never have to worry about safety.”

We offer flexible enrollment options

Fitness by the Sea was started by parents, so we understand that you do not want to be locked into dates that don’t work for your family. That is why we offer flexible enrollment options. We let parents pick the days or weeks that work for them, with no weekly requirements. You can also cancel any time with no penalties. We believe that our enrollment should work WITH your family’s busy schedule, not against it! Bring your kids to the Brentwood summer camp when it works for you.

Variety is the spice of life at our Brentwood Summer Camp

At Fitness by the Sea, we believe that it is important for our campers to have a variety of fun and exciting activities to choose from! This ensures there is never a dull moment. It also gives our campers the opportunity to strengthen their leadership skills and confidence.

All of our Fitness by the Sea locations offer a variety of team sports, including baseball, volleyball, basketball, soccer, capture the flag, and kickballall of which help foster teamwork and sportsmanship among our campers. This is no different for our Brentwood summer camp. These activities encourage kids who come from different areas or have different skill levels to work together to achieve a common goal.

Our locations also include a wide selection of individual sports. This provides the campers with the opportunity to learn news skills while cultivating self-confidence and courage. Some of our individual sports options include tai chi, yoga, fencing, gymnastics, boxing, martial arts, and tetherball. These activities are important and valuable because they are unique and cater to campers who may have specific passions that they want to explore and experience on the beach.

Getting Creative at Brentwood Summer Camp

We also offer creative activities at all of our camp locations to help strengthen campers imagination and creativity. This can range anywhere from performing arts to visual arts. Some of our creative offerings include face painting, arts and crafts, juggling, theater, and a fun-filled American Idol competition. Campers can also participate in activities such as creating a puppet show, putting on a sketch comedy segment, or showcasing a cheerleading performance in front of the entire camp.

Safe Water Activities

Last but not least, all of our locations offer a variety of water activities on the beautiful coastline of California. As previously mentioned, we maintain safety as our top priority when water activities are involved. Our selection of watersports includes swimming, surfing, boogie boarding, paddling, skim boarding, and knee boarding. Campers are invited to explore the ocean at whatever level they feel comfortable; our focus is getting them to a level where they have experienced personal growth and are more familiar with the workings of the ocean.

Additionally, all of our camps celebrate Theme Days, encouraging campers to wear costumes and explore their creative side. Past themes have included cartoon day, pajama day, animal planet, and superhero day.

brentwood summer campIs FBS a fit for your family?

Are you a Brentwood parent who wants to learn more about our conveniently located day camps? We encourage you to check out this video of our 2017 summer fun!

Also, depending on your exact location, we offer transportation services from the Westwood area. This means that you don’t have to deal with traffic or taking extra time out of your commute to get your child to Fitness by the Sea! We have the work covered for you. We’ll make sure that your child is safely transported to and from camp through our trusted professional bus service.

Also, check out our lunch program on our website! This program makes it easy for you in the morning; we’ll even bring a lunch down to the beach for your kids. This way you don’t have to spend extra time in the morning when you’re trying to rush out the door.

If you have any additional questions, please see our website for details on what it is we do every day. We are here to address any concerns or comments you may have! Is our Brentwood summer camp location a little out of the way? Check out our other locations that we serve!

You can also request more information through our website. Want to see for yourself? Stop by to check our one of our conveniently-located day camps.

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