Jonathan Club, 7/8/204

We had a great Monday and fantastic kick off to our third week of camp at the Jonathan Club!  We had our highest enrollment yet coming close 90 campers for the week.  We started the day in arts and crafts making sculptures out of modeling clay.  I saw everything from a hamburger to a puppy dog.  So creative!  The emotionless dance off cabana competition had campers doing the most outrageous dance moves in front of each other while trying to keep a straight face.  It was one of the funniest things I have ever seen.  It came down to Arielle in the sharks and Trista in the Stingrays, but in the end, the Stingrays came out on top.  The day ended with paddle and volleyball lessons for the older campers and a huge game of “One Fish, Two Fish” for the younger ones.

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