Beverly Hills Families have been coming to Fitness by the Sea for the past 25 Years!

Fitness by the Sea Beach Day Camp, located in Santa Monica and the Pacific Palisades has welcomed parents and kids from the Beverly Hills neighborhoods for 25 years because we offer:

  • Flexible week-by-week scheduling
  • Transportation options with bus stops in Cheviot Hills and Westwood
  • A 100% safety record and recognized as the “safest beach camp” in the Los Angeles area for the past 25 years.
  • Over 50 activities, selected by kids each day, making every day different
  • Lifelong lessons about fitness, friendship, teamwork, and caring for the environment

And we do it all in the most beautiful beach surroundings available anywhere! Kids grow up quick and summers go by fast! Don’t let another one go by without providing this unrivaled opportunity for your kids!  Sign up today!

Bus Stops in Cheviot Hills and Westwood

Fitness by the Sea offer great, affordable transportation options. Here are some of the fantastic things about our service:

  • Convenient bus stops in Cheviot Hills and Westwood
  • Round-trip and one-way options available
  • Activities and games provided by counselors on the bus
  • Trained, professional drivers to ensure safe, reliable transport equipped with seat belts

To find the closest stop, just click sign-up and check out the options on the registration form.

Sign Up by the Week!

At Fitness by the Sea, we want to take the stress out of the signup process by offering flexible week-by-week scheduling. With 11 weeks to choose from—there’s no minimum—you can switch it up as much as you like. If you have a conflict, let us know by Friday prior to the scheduled camp week and we can change the week. We conform to you and your busy schedule.

Early Bird Discount, Save 10%

We want to offer our camp experience to as many kids as possible. That’s why we offer an Early Bird special, where the per-week rate is as low as $455 based on the number of weeks you purchase. We think that’s reasonable for the amount of supervision, activities, instruction, and equipment we offer—all in one of the most beautiful settings on earth!

Open House – Summer Camp Kickoff!

We can’t wait to show you everything that makes our summer camp a great experience for kids ages 4.5 to 14. That’s why we kick off the summer camp season with open houses at our Pacific Palisades location so families like your’s can see what Fitness by the Sea is all about.

There will be games, prizes, refreshments, and tons of entertainment—totally free of charge. It’s a great way to see what a day at camp is like. Be sure to bring your family and friends. We want to meet you and your kids! We always get a full crowd, so grab your free tickets here to this fun event today.

Fitness by the Sea puts Safety First

Safety is our top priority at all times.  We ensure that campers are safe in the water, safe from the sun, and safe on the beach.  We have devoted an entire page of this website to explaining our vast safety measures.

You can rest assured that your child will be safe at Fitness by the Sea.  But you don’t have to take our word for it … FBS has been recognized as the ” safest beach camp” in the Los Angeles area for over 25 years!

Here’s just some of our safety measures:

  • All staff are CPR and First Aid Certified
  • 6:1 Camper to Staff Ratio
  • Water Safety – Counselors are placed directly in the water with the campers while on-staff lifeguards watch from the beach.  Professional Lifeguards are also on duty directly adjacent to our camp.
  • Staff Chaperoned Bathroom Visits
  • Sunscreen is liberally applied with staff assistance throughout the day.

How Can We Offer So Many Activities?

How can we offer so many activities? We want to provide endless opportunities for kids. We know this is the best time when kids are most open to new things—before they say, heartbreakingly, “I tried that; I’m no good at it.”

When activities are wrapped in a culture of fun and acceptance, it lays a foundation for building extraordinary kids. We encourage campers to take safe risks, push their own limits, and discover their unique abilities.

When you sign up for Fitness by the Sea Beach Camp your child will enjoy 5 different camp programs and activities all in the same day:

2nd picture

Camp Locations to Suit Every Family’s Needs

We host kids from 4 to 14 every day and offer age-appropriate activities tailored for every child. We also offer two camps to meet the needs of kids depending on their age, personality, or camp experience:

  • Our most established location in the Pacific Palisades at Will Rogers State Beach offers the widest choice of activities on any given day for kids ages 4.5-14. This camp is a great choice for campers who want more activities and a high-energy camp experience.
  • Our camp in Santa Monica located just north of the Santa Monica Pier still offers an astonishing number of activities, but, because it’s a little smaller, it’s great for kids ages 4.5- 14 who want a bit mellower environment.

Our Counselors- Older, Responsible, and Mature

Our counselors are seriously silly and genuinely goofy. But they also take the responsibility of making your kids’ days awesome—and safe—with absolute dedication. Certified in CPR and First Aid, our counselors and staff keep the welfare of your child top-of-mind.

Our counselors are not allowed to socialize with one another. This serves two purposes: making sure counselors are giving your child the attention they deserve and keeping the kids safe.

They also make sure no one is every left out. Everyone has seen it in a child’s eyes—that look that says they really, REALLY want to try something but are hesitant. Our counselors spot that and know how to nudge kids into trying new things and making new friends.

Space is limited. Sign up today!

We can’t wait for your child to join us this summer for an amazing summer. Remember, though, our camp is very popular and days fill up quickly, so be sure to sign up to snag your days!

If you’re concerned about committing to certain days weeks in advance, remember that you can sign up now and add days later as your schedule firms up! Plus you can change your days as often as you like!

You can also sign up for add-ons such as extended care and transportation, (we have convenient bus stops in Cheviot Hills and Westwood) as needed throughout the summer. Parents love these very reasonably priced options, and that they are available as needed.