Beach and Ocean Safety Tips


Beach days with your kids are loads of fun! What could be better than playing in the warm sand with the beautiful water in view? While trips to the beach are full of exciting activities, it’s important to be aware of potential dangers and to use summer beach safety. 


For the last 25 years, Fitness by The Sea has been reputably known as being the safest summer beach camp Los Angeles has. For every camp session we lead, your child’s well-being is our top priority. And we think everyone should have a safe and exciting experience while at the beach, which is why we put together five summer beach safety tips for your family to have in their pocket!


Swimming Lessons Are Essential 

Ocean safety is important. With water so easily accessible at the beach, it’s helpful for everyone to be a strong swimmer, which is why the CDC recommends every child to have taken swimming lessons. Once they have successfully completed swimming lessons, you can feel comfortable about your child doing a variety of water activities. 

Counsellor with Fitness by the Sea camper

Pair Your Kid With A Buddy

At the beach, as with anywhere, you never know when you may need help. Pairing your kid with a friend is not only more fun but also safer. A buddy can serve as a lookout or go get help, in the case of an emergency. 

3 boys on the beach together

Establish Boundaries

Although everyone is looking forward to a beach day to unwind, taking precautions is necessary. Take the time to set rules and expectations with your child before hitting the sand. Get them mentally prepared by brushing them up on swimming lessons, giving out life jackets, and reminding them about ocean currents. The more open communication there is, the better your beach experience will be!


Be Aware Of Conditions

While you’re at the beach, the weather can change quickly. One moment it can look sunny, the next a storm is brewing. Make sure you encourage your child to pay attention to lifeguards and or signs, which supply information and guidance. You can even teach your child different beach color flags, to help them be prepared before entering the water. 


Wear Sunscreen!

Protecting your child’s skin, as well as your own, is important. While at the beach, make sure to not only wear clothes that fully cover the skin, but choose a broad-spectrum sunscreen that you can reapply throughout the day. No one wants a painful sunburn! 


Fitness by The Sea’s summer camp beach is here to help you develop your camper into a stronger swimmer and adventurer. Each session will incorporate the above-mentioned ocean and beach safety tips and more! Whether your kid wants to take a dive into water activities, get creative, or work on team building, Fitness by The Sea has all the activities needed for a memorable time. We’re so excited to make a splash with your kid soon. Enroll for a session today!

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