5 Water Sports You Must Try

When the summer weather arrives, what better way to celebrate than with some water sports! Getting outside and into the water is a great way to get exercise and stay cool during the warmer months. At Fitness by the Sea, we’re lucky to have the benefit of enjoying so many water activities. Located right on the beach, our campers get to experience the best of these five water sports.




One of the most classic summer activities is still one of our favorites! All you need is a body of water, and luckily for us at Fitness by the Sea, both of our locations are on the ocean. If you aren’t close to the beach, swim in a pool (even an inflatable one works) or lake. In addition to being great overall exercise, strong swimming skills are important for kids.


A great part of swimming is you can combine it with any number of activities. There are so many swimming styles to master, races with friends to compete in, and games to play. If your child hasn’t taken swimming lessons, what better time than the summer to start!




This requires a few more prerequisites than swimming, but once you have the conditions you need, there are fewer more exciting water sports than surfing. Surfing lessons may be harder to find than swimming lessons, but once you have a surfboard and some waves, you can finally experience why so many people fall in love with the sport! Surfing is a full-body workout and is a unique way to stay in shape during the summer.


At Fitness by the Sea, we even have professional surfing instructors for kids. Surfing is a fun alternative to swimming and is a great way to stay cool this summer. If you have the resources available, try it out and you may find your new favorite sport.




What if the waves aren’t big enough at your local beach? Luckily skimboarding provides a similar sensation as surfing, without needing any big waves. Skimboards are much smaller than surfboards, making them more convenient to bring to and from the beach. The best part is, there are no lessons needed!


Skimboarding can take a bit of getting used to, but once you learn the basics it’s a great source of cardio and balance training! Skimboarding is just another one of the unique water sports kids participate in at Fitness by the Sea!


Boogie Boarding


Boogie boarding provides the convenience of skimboarding, but is much more beginner-friendly. Once you find a boogie board and some small waves, the fun can begin! It’s a fun way to play in the waves and has a much smaller learning curve than surfing. This is also a great way of working your way up to surfing or skimboarding. This is one of our campers’ favorite water activities in the summer.




Speaking of exercise, how about paddling? A lot of water activities for kids involve strengthening their legs. Paddling, however, builds upper body strength and is a nice rest for their legs after swimming all day. It’s also a great option if surfing or skimboarding seems a bit too stressful or intensive. Paddling can be a great way to relax while also getting some exercise on a nice, sunny day.


At Fitness by the Sea, water sports are one of our favorite summer activities and our campers love making new friends while surfing, swimming, or just enjoying the ocean. Interested in having your kid participate in our camps? Choose your location and register or learn more!

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